About Last Night


Smallville: Persona was the first episode in over a month, so was it worth the wait? In some ways yes, Clark is back, and so is Brainiac! I wasn’t a huge fan of this episode. I think it could be that it’s been so long since it has been on, I felt a little empathetic to the goings on. I had a few problems with the story telling. It seemed really jumpy. There wasn’t a lot of time spent in any particular area. I think it comes from them cramming too much into an episode. Also I think I knew too much of what was going to happen in this episode. It was really predictable. And what’s up with no trailer after the episode? That is crap.

LOST: It’s back! There were things that were so great about this episode. I am loving that we have flash forwards now. I am loving even more that those flash forwards take place before the 3rd season finale flash forward. However Lost is very close to be ruined for me because of the number of things I’ve either figured out, or read about online. I think at this point I need to cut it out and watch the show.

Hurley is the man. He offers the show so much. He is really the Heart of the show. His child-like morality checks really keep the Losties from spinning out of control.

Jack reminds me of a tired soldier in a war that he believed in at first, but now isn’t sure.

Locke knows what’s up but is coming off to crazy for anyone to really believe. He is the only one who has come to terms with what the Island really is.

Oh and I know everyone saw Jack’s Dad sitting in Jacob’s/his Chair right?

Anyway, I’m not going to re-cap every character but just wanted to bring up a few observations.



3 Responses to “About Last Night”

  1. Hurley is THE MAN! Obviously, he’s my favorite character. So I’m stoked last night featured him.

    Jack’s going awol crazy to get off that island but with Charlie’s death and message I wonder if we’ll see him return to a more nurturing leader for those following him than a crazy eyed getting off the island freak?

  2. Unfortunately, (or fortunately for me) I never got hooked on LOST. So when wow is up all night watching and wanting to talk about it, I can just go to sleep…lol

  3. When Lost first came out, I resisted getting addicted. Then, once Season 3 was about to start, I spent a few weeks and watched all of Seasons 1 and 2 in a row. It was intense. I kept thinking everybody I met was an Other.

    Now I realize it’s only a TV show. Right?

    I just hope they finish more than the 8 episodes they’ve got done already.

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