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Ready To Go Digital

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Heroes Season 3 Starts Tonight.

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So tonight starts a new chapter for Heroes. From what all I’ve read and heard, this season promises to make up for last season’s slow start and short run. Lots of things will change and develop from the first 90 seconds of the show….so make sure not to miss a second of it. Another great thing about the premiere is it will kick Heroes off with the first two episodes shown back to back. I really love it when shows do this. The first episode seems like such a tease. It’s been 9 months since the last Heroes episode and 42 minutes of an all new arc just get’s me salivating for more.

If you like Heroes and enjoy podcasts, make sure to check out my buddies over at 10th Wonder Podcast. They have great news and info, as well as great insight to the show. They really enhance the show, and I highly recommend checking them out.

Heroes Promos

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Heroes is one of my favorite shows on TV. From what I’ve heard, season 3 is going to be the best yet, and the premiere is going to blow you away! With the new season coming September 22nd the promos are getting ready to rev up. This is one of the best.

Heroes the comic book, illustrated by the late Michael Turner is an exclusive comic for the 2008 San Diego Comic Con. The comic includes 4 stories that reveal more about the Heroes Universe. The stories focus on the back stories of Mohinder Suresh, Echo De Mille (the main character of the new Heroes webisode series), and Adam Monroe (Takezo Kensei).

I got my copy and I am so excited for the new season to come.

Dancing with the Star Wars Stars

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Wait for the late entry, it’s totally worth it.

Writers Back To Work

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So it seems that after many dark months without some of our favorite shows like Hero’s and The Office, it seems that the writers will be returning to work as early as tomorrow.

So the big question on everyone’s minds with this new is, “So, when are my shows coming back?” CNN is has a great article covering just that. You can find that here. To give a brief overview on the shows that will be coming back in the spring, here is a brief and tentative list.

LOST: should be ready with new episodes at least a week after the scheduled “final” episode, which I believe was 9.

The Office: may be back in early spring, however this is not yet certain

Smallville: According to the CW, they want at least 5 more episodes for this season. That would put them at 20 for season 7. Not bad. They would return in April or May.

My Name is Earl: Should be back sometime this spring.

– The 100 million versions of CSI should also be back.

There are a few show that are listed as not returning till the new fall season. Some of them include Chuck, HEROES, and Dirty Sexy Money. 24 will also not likely start till early 2009. There are also shows that seem to be gone for good, such as Journey Man, K-ville, and The Bionic Woman (shocker).

This is great news, especially since the writers have seemingly gained residuals from internet broadcasts of their shows. This was their biggest beef with the networks. So a good victory for them. This is a happy day. I’m pumped that some of my favorite series have been saved.

About Last Night

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Smallville: Persona was the first episode in over a month, so was it worth the wait? In some ways yes, Clark is back, and so is Brainiac! I wasn’t a huge fan of this episode. I think it could be that it’s been so long since it has been on, I felt a little empathetic to the goings on. I had a few problems with the story telling. It seemed really jumpy. There wasn’t a lot of time spent in any particular area. I think it comes from them cramming too much into an episode. Also I think I knew too much of what was going to happen in this episode. It was really predictable. And what’s up with no trailer after the episode? That is crap.

LOST: It’s back! There were things that were so great about this episode. I am loving that we have flash forwards now. I am loving even more that those flash forwards take place before the 3rd season finale flash forward. However Lost is very close to be ruined for me because of the number of things I’ve either figured out, or read about online. I think at this point I need to cut it out and watch the show.

Hurley is the man. He offers the show so much. He is really the Heart of the show. His child-like morality checks really keep the Losties from spinning out of control.

Jack reminds me of a tired soldier in a war that he believed in at first, but now isn’t sure.

Locke knows what’s up but is coming off to crazy for anyone to really believe. He is the only one who has come to terms with what the Island really is.

Oh and I know everyone saw Jack’s Dad sitting in Jacob’s/his Chair right?

Anyway, I’m not going to re-cap every character but just wanted to bring up a few observations.


Heroes Season 2 Review

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heroreview.jpgSo I know I am pretty late with this review but I figured better late than never. So I write this from the perspective of someone who only watched the first episode of season 1 so I don’t know a lot of the plot detail but I didn’t feel too lost when watching the first episode of the new season. I have every intention of getting the first season and watching it hence the reason for watching season 2. I don’t want to fall behind. With that I say this, I loved the show! From watching the first episode of the first season I pretty much know most of the characters and what they can do so in that respect I was able to at least identify what each character is capable. I love the shows direction. It’s very real in a non campy sort of way. Most people thought that the episode was really boring but I thought is planted a lot of seeds for things to come. Let me just say this, I love Hiro! That dude is awesome. I really excited about that storyline. As well as the story developing with his Father and Nathan Petrelli mother. I also like the introduction of the new villain that is supposed to be a badder man than Sylar. All good things. Also the new brother and sister that are making their way to America. That is some crazy ability to make someone bleed from the eyes. I can’t wait to see where that is headed.

So that’s it really. What did you guys think?