Tonights The Night


Probably a day that I have been waiting in some ways for a month, in others almost a year it seems. Tonight old friends come back into my life. The survivors of Oceanic flight 815 and the Brain interactive construct!

First up, LOST. Tonight we find out if our friends get off The Island or die as Ben predicted.  My wife took the liberty of inviting all of our friends over for the season premire. It looks like it’s going to be a full house. Thank goodness for DVR, because aparently there is a re-cap show before the actual premier that starts at 8. The same time Smallville comes on. I think I may DVR all three and watch Smallville by myself.

Which brings me to the next big event. Smallville is back and so is Brainiac. Tonight we find out what happens to the real Clark and what Bizarros been up to. This has the makings of a good return. From what I understand we actually get a few episodes in a row before it goes on a break again.

So that’s it. I’m super pumped. It’s gonna be a great night of TV and friends. What are you guys doing for the premier?


3 Responses to “Tonights The Night”

  1. Yeah the most anticipated show I’ve been waiting for and I didn’t even move practice! I’ll be watching the TiVod 2 hours starting at about 10 tonight! And it’ll so be worth it!

  2. Hey so is this the start of the new season of Smallville tonight? Are they doing a recap? That was one of Rae and my favorite shows and we’ve missed a couple seasons and are just lost about what’s happening. I want to get back in though.

  3. I was kind of bumed out after watching last night, that only thing lost is me wondering why I still watch this show

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