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NEW Dark Knight Pictures

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Check out this new Roll of film. These are awesome!


Tonight On Smallville…Veritas

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Ok so this is the one to watch. I have heard so many GOOD things about this one. So I am excited to watch. Here is the CW official description:

KARA TEACHES CLARK HOW TO FLY — Kara (Laura Vandervoort) decides to teach Clark (Tom Welling) how to fly in order to strengthen his chances against Brainiac (guest star James Marsters). However, Brainiac seems to have the upper hand against the super cousins,
and some of Clark’s loved ones are caught in the crossfire. Kristin Kreuk, Michael Rosenbaum, Allison Mack, Erica Durance, Aaron Ashmore and John Glover also star. James Marshall directed the episode written by Brain Peterson & Kelly Souders

This is going to be it for a while. This was originally supposed to be the season finale due to the writers strike, but filming has resumed on the show, but won’t air until April 17th. So although changed from the original, this should still be a great episode!


Episode discussed in the comments.

Tonight On Smallville…Traveler

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From the chatter I hear, this is going to be one of two episodes that you CAN NOT MISS. After tonight everything will change.

The CW’s Official description:

LIONEL KIDNAPS CLARK — Lionel (John Glover) arranges to have Clark (Tom Welling) kidnapped and held in a kryptonite-lined cell at a Luthorcorp facility. After Chloe (Allison Mack) and Lana (Kristin Kreuk) find a military electric probe at the farm, they confront Lionel, who throws suspicion onto Lex (Michael Rosenbaum). Chloe and Lana take Kara (Laura Vandervoort) to the Fortress and beg Jor-El to restore her memory as she is the only one who can save Clark. Glen Winter directed the episode written by Don Whitehead & Holly Henderson 

Tonight On Smallville…Hero…and One Republic

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Smallville is finally back on. Hero marks the return of Pete Ross. Also don’t miss One Republic and the shameless promotion of Stride gum. Poor Pete, he always has to be the guy to hock something, even when he is the guest star.

The Officaial CW description:

BILLBOARD CHART-TOPPING BAND “ONE REPUBLIC” PERFORMS AND PETE RETURNS — Kara (Laura Vandervoort) and Jimmy (Aaron Ashmore) attend a “One Republic” concert and one of the roadies turns out to be former Smallville resident Pete Ross (guest star Sam Jones III). Pete unwittingly chews some kryptonite-laced gum and develops super powers.

Clark (Tom Welling) and Chloe (Allison Mack) are thrilled to meet up with their old friend but warn him against using his powers in public. However, Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) discovers Pete’s powers and blackmails him into helping break into a Lionel’s (John Glover) safe by threatening to reveal Chloe is a meteor freak. Kristin Kreuk and John Glover also star. Michael Rohl directed the episode written by Aaron Helbing & Todd Helbing.

Probably not going to be the best episode to date, but it will be cool to see Pete.

Here is a look at the Smallville schedule for the rest of the season.

March 13 “Hero” NEW!
March 20 “Traveler” NEW!
March 27 “Veritas” NEW!
April 3 “Siren” Repeat
April 10 “Fracture” Repeat
April 17 “Descent” NEW!
April 24 “Sleeper” NEW!
May 1 Episode #7-18 NEW!
May 8 Episode #7-19 NEW!
May 15 Episode #7-20 NEW!

h/t: Kryptonsite

Happy Birthday Superman!

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The date is actually debated, but based on the majority of the mythology, today is The Man Of Steel’s Birthday. It would be a sin to let this go by without posting about it.

And The Winner is…

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Big ups to this little guy! When I seen this I almost fell out of my chair laughing. Great Job! Your DVD should be coming to you shortly.

Justice League: The New Frontier Reviewed.

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****Mild Spoilers****
jladvdcover.jpgJustice League: The New Frontier, written by Stan Berkowitz and Darwyn Cooke, directed by Dave Bullock, takes place in 1953 at the end of the Korean War. This is important to know, as it explains the nature in which the characters are outfitted, at least from a Superman and Batman perspective. I thought this was a nice touch and a nod to the end of the golden age of comics.

The New Frontier follows the beginnings of Hal Jordan (The Green Lantern) and the Martian Manhunter (J’onn J’onzz). Hal, a war vet and POW, trying to get his life together, but still reaching for the stars, with the dreams of becoming a astronaut. The Martian Manhunter has just come to earth, and is adjusting to his new home. The shape shifting space traveler finds comfort in the Television and purpose from it’s crime fighting detective movies.

The New Frontier depicts a time when Superheroes were not exactly trusted by the government. The government feared that one day the saviors with extraordinary abilities would turn on the world and abuse their great power. Superman, seems to be caught in the middle, keeping the peace between the world and his gifted acquaintances. He and Wonder Woman are soldiers for the US Army with different views on how to deal with the enemy.

The Flash/Bart Allen (Voice done by Neil Patrick Harris) is trying to live a normal life while special agent King Faraday is hunting him.

All, (heroes and humans) are brought together with a common goal when a threat to the world is slowly revealed in the form of a hostile being called the “Centre”.

I really enjoyed The New Frontier. Overall it was really well done, especially the beginning credits. It was also really cool to see some of the origins of some of the characters brought to life on the small screen as well as the development of others.

The voices of all the characters were well cast and it was cool to hear Aquaman’s voice done by Alan Ritchson who plays Aquaman in Smallville.

The story moved a little slower than I cared for and too much time was spent on Hal Jordan. Superman was totally jipped in this movie on many counts. For someone who supposedly founded/lead the JLA he is almost absent from the majority of the movie. However there were a few cool scenes with Lois and Wonder Woman that were very well written. Being a big Superman fan, you can imagine my disappointment, but it did allow me to appreciate the other characters. I really enjoyed the Martian Manhunter arc. His story is worthy of it’s own DVD.

The PG-13 Rating was pretty warranted, as there was bloody violence and mild swearing. May not be suitable for some kids so parents use your own discretion.

Special thanks to Jorge from M80 for hooking me up.