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So I am jumping on the bandwagon. Here is my very random muxtape. Here are a few others in my circle of blog friends.

The Mudpuppy
Evan Courtney
Ragamuffin Soul


It’s Been A While

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It’s been a long time since I Rocked and Rolled. Led Zeppelin quotes aside, it has been a while since I’ve posted this little tidbit of what’s been rockin the headphones. This is one of the better lists. Each one of these songs have received a lot of play time.

This week also brought back an awesome album. Futures from the works of Jimmy Eat World, came back into my life in a big way this week. Russ has really been getting into them too and it’s cool to see him react the same way I did when I first heard them. Look for Muse to pop upon his blog soon. He is moments away from jumping on that band wagon as well.

So whatchu listenin to?

New Music

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I love music. Everything about it. Also, there is nothing better than getting/discovering new music. This week I’ve aquired a lot of new stuff. Here is a little break down of the best of the lot.

AFI: I Heard a Voice: Live from Long Beach Arena.

-If you life AFI you will love this CD. They sound so much better live!

Snow Patrol: Final Straw

-Great front to back.

One Republic: Dreaming Out Loud

-It’s too late to Apologize….

Goo Goo Dolls: What I Learned About Ego, Opinion, Art & Commerce

-Old songs but the new mixes sound great! They even added little things to make the songs better.

Silversun Pickups: Carnavas

-Smashing Pumpkins meets My Chemical Romance?

Rise Against: The Sufferer & the Witness

-Good front to back.

What new music are you guys crankin?