Smallville Season 7


Episode #7-1: “Bizarro”


Wow! That’s the only way to start this summery of the first episode of the new season. Before I dive in to all that let me take a moment to sum up the episode.

Clark is forced to put aside his anguish over Lana and deal with the new Bizarro Clark. Chloe is pronounced dead,while Lex finds himself in a familiar and ironic situation solved by yet another Kryptonian being. Lionel is dragged off by a heavy coated figure, and Bizarro is flying around looking for Kryptonite.

So there you have it. Well first off overall the episode was more than I could hope for. Everything was so well done and thought out. The breaking of the Dam was a site to see but even more so was the way Clark stopped the water with his heat vision. The best part was when he gave the super hero nod to the little boy who was fishing with his dad. It was awesome. I could almost see the cape flapping in the breeze behind Clark before he dashed off. It also seems as though Clark is even more powerful than ever. His powers are stronger and more controlled. The Way he threw Bizarro into the electrical poles is strength we’ve never seen before.

Bizarro is a bad bad man. I love how they changed his voice it really added to the character. Tom Welling is really coming on as a great actor in so many ways in this episode. However, Smallville Bizarro still isn’t the true Bizarro from the comics but really in all honesty Bizarro isn’t even supposed to be around yet. The flashes of metal/scale skin were perfect. I love how they were intermittent and caused by sunlight. I love how ruthless Bizarro is. The part where he fried that guy with his heat vision was totally unexpected and very sweet. It seems as though Smallville has grown past the “everyone gets knocked out or thrown through something wooden”, phase of the earlier seasons. I mean I almost spilled my Dr. Pepper when he ripped out that dudes kidney. Again Bizarro is a bad bad man.

Lex, lets face it. Lex makes it okay to love the bad guy! His scenes were short in this one but you could see the expression on his face while he sat in the squad car that he had given up, that he excepted his fate, only to be saved once again by yet another soft hearted Kryptonian. We’ll see how long his “reborn” attitude lasts.

Kara/Supergirl was pretty sweet. I thought she would have more of a role in this one but I suppose they are saving all that for her self titled episode next week. I did like her scene at the end while sitting on the water tower, but it was really just the trailer footage that was shown.

Lois was better in this episode. She seems as though she has settled into her role. She seemed a bit softer and less in your face than previous episodes. Her scene with Bizarro was classic! One thing I have to know though, did she go home and do her hair and makeup before going to Lex’s? Hmmm.

Chloe once again stole the show. Alison’s acting far out shines most of the cast. She carried Tom like a brown bag lunch in the Lana/old video scene. He didn’t seem too upset about the passing of the love of his life. Maybe he senses she’s not dead? Although Chloe’s apprehensions about her abilities and wanting to keep it from Clark is a bit surprising. I really thought this ordeal would bring her and Clark closer together. The best line of the whole show was when she said “You gotta get on that one.”, referring to the fact that Bizarro could fly and Clark couldn’t. It seems when it comes to flying Clark has shy bladder. Although in Clarks defense I have never seen him act more like Superman in all of the episodes of Smallville than this one. The scenes with the sunlight regenerating his health and abilities were perfect. It’s really starting to seem less like Smallville and more like Superman.

Tom was awesome as Clark Kent/Superman. His abilities have matured and he seems more focused and determined now that he is virtually on his own. He really is the cape, boots, and a flying lesson or two away from become the true Man Of Steel. I look forward to his development as he is guided by the Martian Manhunter. It will be interesting once they throw Kara into the mix, where Clark will be forced to act more like a parent and mentor.

Finally Lana. Well not much to say other than the fact that she got all the way to China really really fast. Oh I shouldn’t fail to mention the fact that I thought that she would be dead longer than half an episode. Also she looks really awful as a Blond.

Overall this was probably one of the best episodes of Smallville.

I know this one went a little long but it was the first new episode in a really long time. Let me know what you thought of the show as well as anything you would like to add to my review.


Episode #7-2: “Kara”


So the new girl seems to be able to carry her load quite nicely. I was worried that she would be some Valley girl that would make me cringe every time she opened her mouth, but it seems she is a very strong independent character who can hold a scene down opposite her Kryptonian cousin.

The episode as a whole was a little less than I expected, although the scene where Kara flies out of the earth’s atmosphere was awesome! Again, it seems I may wear this out but it felt like I was watching Superman not Smallville, which is a welcomed feeling. One thing to note, Kryptonians seem to have trouble holding onto their ships. I mean I know I’ve lost my car in the Walmart parking lot a time or two, but it was never in danger of causing a nuclear explosion if I didn’t find it in time. You would think for something so important they wouldn’t just abandon it the first chance they got to explore their abilities, but I digress.

So Lex must be physic because how did he know that Lana was alive? And what were all those bread crumbs Lana was talking about? I must have missed how they figured out she was in China? Oh well. The scene shared between Lana and Lex was pretty cool. My Clone theory was finally put to rest…for now. I’m not so sure Lana has told the whole truth. I really would’ve like more explanation as to how she found out she’d been cloned. I mean I know she had Lionel to guide her and she got quite good at obtaining some of Lex’s information but that came out of no where. And why on earth would Lex clone Lana? I mean most guys can’t put up with one wife, why would you want two? So we’ll see what happens when Lana comes back to Smallville. I’m sure she is going to have a lot to explain to ol Clarky.

Grant Gabriel is a D.B. First impressions are key in TV. This dude didn’t make a good one. There was something about him that reminded me of my college philosophy teacher. You see I was always a good kid in school. I never got into trouble. However try as I may my philosophy teacher thought I was the student from hell. It was really the kid next to me that kept getting me into trouble, but he seemed invisible to this teacher. It was like this guy didn’t get who I was. He wasn’t seeing the real me. That’s how I felt the new editor of the Daily Planet was treating Chloe. Chloe’s whole life was the Planet and journalism for that matter. This dude didn’t even give her a chance. I think he was a little too distracted by Lois’ assets to notice that he was clearly overlooking Chloe. At any rate this guy I could do without. The fact that he is going to be Lois’ new love interest really bugs me. Who knows maybe they will tone down Mr “outside the box” and he’ll grow on me. Regardless what he does, I feel bad for Chloe. I think this is going to be a tough season for her, you know with her coming back from the dead, having healing powers that she can’t share with anyone and spell checking Lois’ papers ‘n all.

Overall is was a good episode. probably one of the best starts Smallville has had. I hope they can keep the pace going. It seems they have opened up new plot lines with the crystal being held at the DOD, evil Lana coming back to Smallville, and Clark babysitting his Kryptonian cousin. This should be enough to keep the adrenaline pumping until the return of Bizarro and Brainiac.

So what did you think?


Episode #7-3: “Fierce”


Well I was a little let down from this episode. It seemed a little scattered. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t unwatchable by any means. I think they just tried to cram to much in and so you have a lot of content but the dialog seems rushed with no room to develop. Here’s the recap.

Clark takes Kara into town to check out the Smallville Sweet Corn festival while continuing to lecture her about standing out. Kara seems annoyed and doesn’t see why her and Clark have to hide who they are from the world. She then thinks it would be a great idea to join the Miss. Sweet Corn pageant. Of course her female competition are meteor freaks and just in the pageant to steel a map that leads to buried treasure, because after all it is Smallville. I should also mention Kara sees Jimmy from a distance and gets the involuntary heat vision but luckily for Clark and the rest of the festival goers surrounded by hay stacks, she doesn’t go off. I’m still trying to get my head around how someone like Kara would like Jimmy? I also feel bad for Chloe because it seems like everyone steels her men.

So the second act starts with Clark, where else but in the barn fixing the tractor. Lana slinks in looking like the old Lana, trying to figure out the best way to present her un-dead self to Clarky. This was actually a good scene. Probably because there was little said between the two. I mean what do you say when the love of your life dies and then comes to your barn. A great scene but at the same time I thought Clark would be happier in the scenes to follow, but hey nobody stays dead in Smallville anyway, well at least everyone but Pa Kent. So Lana tells Clark part of the truth about why/how she is back in Smallville. The two love birds doomed by destiny are interrupted by a half naked Kara practicing her posture. Clark gets really embarrassed and Lana looks bummed that Clark moved on so quickly. He quickly skirts the sad look on Lana’s face by telling her that Kara is his cousin. Clark yells at Kara in a very Johnathan Kent manor by telling her to go put more clothes on. She super speeds, gets dressed and returns to the living room in a blink confirming to Lana what side of the family she is from. Lana excuses herself so Clark can verbally abuse Kara (like he does the entire episode). Clark realizes that Kara just wants to enjoy herself now that she isn’t a Popsicle and agrees grudgingly to let her participate in the pageant, but not before a little lesson in the barn.

Clark tries to help Kara control her heat vision by putting her through a little exercise in watermelon carving. Why not a pumpkin…no idea? Also they choose a barn full of hay to practice! Why not, Clark does have his freeze breath now? So Clark shows what a bad man he is turning into, by burning a smiley face into the melon, while Kara just blows the thing up. Clark gets mad and says Kara isn’t ready. Kara gets mad and does what any teenager would do. She does what she wants anyway. This scene had so much potential. I remember when Clark first learned how to control his heat vision. One of the best scenes in Smallville. That poor scarecrow! Anyway, this scene fell very flat. Clark had such a delayed and unnatural reaction after being sprayed with watermelon shrapnel. It seemed so forced. Like I’m so mad at you but I’m such a nice guy I can’t yell. It was strange.

So Kara goes to the pageant and discovers a frozen girl in the flower shop apparently frozen by one of the meteor infected girls. Jimmy also gets a glimpse at the frozen girl and brings the photo to Chloe at the Planet. Chloe is happy to see Jimmy but not the photo. She is really hesitant to write stories about the meteor infected because she is now a member of the club. After some persuading by the DB editor Grant, Chloe goes along with the story. Jimmy returns to Smallville and sees Kara and snags a lead on the Top Model…I mean meteor freak element girls. They in turn freeze Jimmy in His Volvo. Kara saves the day and one of the Meteor girls sees her and asks her to join the club. Kara joins up with them only because she notices a Kryptonian symbol in the photograph of the treasure.

Meanwhile back on the farm, Lana meets with Lex about her situation. It’s revealed that Lex still loves Lana, Lana still hates Lex, loves Clark, and manages to lift 10 million from Lex in the process. Lex lets her keep the money, gives her a divorce and leaves, still maintaining that he is a changed man and that Lana is going ruin things with Clark when he finds out about the money. Wow this whole Lex Lana thing wasn’t given enough time at all. Too many sub plots in this episode. It was making my head hurt.

So at the pageant Kara wins the contest but soon after is arrested for the theft of the map to the treasure in the time capsule. She calmly goes to jail with a stern look from Clark meaning don’t you even think about breaking out of those cuffs. Clark visits Kara in Jail and finds out the truth about the girls in the contest. He leaves Kara with Chloe to get her out of Jail legally which is strange because Kara was guilty of the charges. She did steal the map! Oh well, guess blonds really can get away with anything.

Clark catches up with the Meteor freaks who proceed to ripe up the earth will with meteor rocks which knock Clark on his butt. The girls find the Kryptonian jewel thingy and are mad that there is no treasure. Kara super speeds kick the girls butts and saves Clark by using her heat vision to destroy the Kryptonite. Very sweet scene but very rushed. I can see why they cut so much out of this episode. i.e. the magic scene with Kara.

The episode wraps up with Kara and Clark having a heart to heart about her troubles. Kara tells Clark that he is deluding himself with his relationships with humans because of their life expectancy. Clark is bummed. Also they come to the conclution that they are not the only Kryptonians on earth. Clark and Lana go to the festival and do a little more chit chatting about the status of their relationship. Lana confirms that she wants to be with Clark and Clark is happy but remembers what Kara has to say about the mortality of humans.

To close out the episode Lex confront Kara saying she was the one who saved him. Remembering what Clark is trying to teach her, she claims that she has no idea what he’s talking about. Lex is persistent but Kara doesn’t show her hand. I’m sure this will be a running theme.

Overall good episode but really rushed because it was jam packed with stuff. It begs a lot of questions but this is already long enough. Post a question or observation if you would like to discuss any of the episode.


Episode #7-4: “Cure”


This was a great episode. It was so cool to see Dean Cain, but more on that later.

So in this episode Chloe discovers there is a Doctor who can cure “the Meteor infected”, the PC term that Chloe prefers now that she is a card carrying member. She makes this discovery by running into Sasha Woodman, the high school politician who could control killer Bees. She tells Chloe that she is sorry for anything she had done to her in the past but since Dr. Curtis Knox’s (CK he he) procedure she has no memory of the last 6 years, one of the side effects of being cured.

Sasha’s freedom from her meteor power is short lived when Dr. Knox shows up and kidnaps her so he can steal her organs. The directors cut for this scene is awesome. It actually shows the good Doc taking out her Kidney. It was awesome but apparently to much for TV.

Meanwhile back on the farm, Lana has become fully domesticated, arranging flowers, cooking breakfast for her Superhero boyfriend, it was cute but a little much. She is trying really hard to hide what she’s been up to. Kara comes in being Kara and compliments her on taking such good care of Clark. Clark comes down and the scene is almost to perfect, until the Martian Manhunter shows up and ruins everything. He grabs Kara and starts interrogating her. Kara throws a punch that Clark grabs. So Clark is all what’s going on here and the Red-eyed one exclaims that Kara is a spy and shouldn’t be trusted. Kara gets mad and superspeeds away. MM explains to Clark a little more about Kara and how her father Zor-el tried to kill Jor-el. Clark is bummed and Kara is upset because she was listening in on the conversation from the barn. MM leaves and Clark is bummed because his pancakes are getting cold.

Great little scene there. I love how Lana is still shocked by everything Clark can do and how he has people from Mars stopping by for breakfast. I am sure she is developing a greater appreciation for what Clark has to deal with. Kara seems to like Lana, but really doesn’t care much for the MM. Clark getting in the middle of the fistfight between them was pretty sweet. It was nice to see him laying down the law.

So the next scene is shared by former Lois and Clark Superman, Dean Cain as Dr. Curtis Knox and Lex. Great stuff. Dr. Knox gives Lex a bit of a history lesson not unlike Lex gives to whoever will listen. Basically Lex has been using Knox to cure all the people he has tortured in 33.1 and wipe their memory’s so they don’t come after him. Howeve, the meteor freaks with a new lease on life are suddenly disappearing. It seems that Knox has had something to do with it. Lex is bummed that his good will is putting these poor people in danger and demands an explanation. Knox is a bad man and really doesn’t care what Lex thinks and leaves his office.

Great scene. Dean Cain plays this roll so well. I was shocked how he was able to work well with Michael in this scene since Michael is the man. I love how Lex is really trying to do the right thing but at the same time knows he deserves everything that is happening to him. It will be sad if he doesn’t come back for Season 8.

In the next scene we see Knox dice up Sasha for her organs, apparently for his wife for some reason. She lays lifeless in a bed with liquid meteor rock pumping into her. Again the director’s cut of this is awesome.

Back at the Planet, Chloe is researching Dr. Knox. Obviously this meteor freak thing is really bumming her out. I think it stems from the fact that she is constantly reminded that one day she might go crazy and start killing people like all the other meteor freaks. I think she is forgetting that those people didn’t go crazy they simple were irresponsible with their powers. Those people were bad to begin with, the meteors just gave them the power to act on their feelings. Anyway, so Clark visits the Cloester at the DP and she is really irritated because she just got done blowing off plans with Jimmy to have her operation for her little meteor problem. She is quite agitated with Clark and the Bell line was great. She leaves Clark after a short argument and goes to her consultation with Knox.

Back on the farm Lana is IMing people setting up her evil lab when Clark comes in talking about how Chloe blew him off. Lana casually mentions Knox and Clark looks into it. Here we get the first peek at Lana up to no good.

At the DP Jimmy is hauking his tickets that he no longer needs, when Kara shows up looking for Lois. Lois is gone and that leaves Kara with no lead on the missing crystal. She cleverly coerces Jimmy into helping her clear up some of the footage. She makes a smooth move and wrangles a date out of “James” as she loves to call him. They agree to meet later and Jimmy is pumped because the only thing better than one Blond in your life is two! Man those Kryptonian girls really go after it. Leaving Jimmy with a little peck on the cheek to seal the deal.

So Chloe is writing “James” oops, sorry Jimmy a note before she goes to surgery when Clark comes in talking about how he knows what she is doing and that He doesn’t want her to go and forget him. Chloe reminds Clark that she’ll still be the same person and that Clark will be there to help her remember. She bolts and again Clark is bummed.

Next we find Knox dragging Sasha’s body out of the trunk in bubble wrap. I mean cuz the last thing you want is a damaged dead body when you drop it on the ground after getting it out of the trunk. Lex interrupts Knox and Shoots him like a ton. Despite Lex’s excellent grouping of bullets to the heart Knox gets up and basically tells Lex he is immortal and he’s in big trouble for ruining his new white shirt. He hits him in the head knocking him out only to have Clark speed in and knok him into a generator. I swear Clark has everyone in Smallville Lo-Jacked. He takes Lex to the Hospital and Lex tels Clark thanks as well as supplies him with info on Lana and Knox. Clark leaves to go find Chloe.

Chloe stops by the DP and finds Kara and Jimmy having a heart to heart about her spaceship. She misinterprets something Kara says and leaves in a huff. Throwing her note to him in the trash.

So Chloe goes in for her surgery but sniffs out the Docs alternate plans. Despite her killer jouxs she still gets nabbed. She wakes up and is about to get sliced and diced because she has the heart that his wife needs. She then reveals his master plan which any good bad guy should know that once you reveal your master plan is usually when the hero shows up and wins. Smallville is no different. He tells Chloe that he is immortal and he is tired of out living all the loves in his life, so he is making a his current squeeze immortal. Best line of the show is when Chloe makes a crack about him being a wanna be Jack the Ripper, to which Knox replies, “I was Jack The Ripper”, and starts cutting Chloe. Great stuff. Clark speeds in and beats the Doc down and the Martian Manhunter takes care of the dirty work like the old days.

Back in the barn that pesky tractor keeps breaking down and Clark has to fix it again. MM shows up and Kara is bummed and flies off explaining her absents in next weeks episode.

Clark confronts Lana about the 10 Million she got from Lex and says it’s from the divorce settlement and she would never hide anything from Clark. In all actuality she has become Batman and now has a secret lair in Medtropolis. She spies on Lex and several screens.

At the DP Chloe and Jimmy break up in one of the best acted scenes in Smallville history. I felt so akward watching it. You could really see how frustrated and confused Jimmy was. The song playing in the Background was “Where I Stood” By Missy Higgins. Great song.

So that’s it. Overall better than last weeks. They pushed the plot along nicely. So far I am really loving this season.


Episode #7-5: “Action”


At first there was really nothing that interested me about this episode. Aside from the “Cape” scene that had been leaked weeks earlier the only thing this episode had going for it is we finally got to see John Glover as Lionel Luthor. Oh How I missed Lionel. As always Smallville never ceases to amaze me. This was actually a really good episode.

It begins with the cast of Warrior Angel and all it’s crew buzzing about Kent Farm. Is it me or did the Warrior Angel logo look a mite like the Wonder Woman Logo? Oh well. So Chloe seems to be getting back to her chipper and plucky self in this episode, after being Debbie downer last week. She and Clark are hanging around the set when Rachel (Mullian) shows up in movie star fashion. She jumps in the stunt car and drives off. Her breaks are cut and yet another roll over car accident occurs on the Kent Farm, this time it’s not the Red Truck and a Kent male isn’t driving it. Of course Clark saves the day and lands himself in the middle of a three ring circus.

Next we see Clark making another fence. This is always my favorite farm chore/display of superness, that Clark does at least once a season. It’s a little strange having Lana around though. If I was Clark I would be a little bummed out. You finally get to show off in front of your woman and she doesn’t really seem impressed. Anyway, the paper comes and Clark for once is in the spotlight. This was a cool scene because it marks the first time Clark is in the paper for his heroics, something that will become an everyday occurrence in the future. Lana seems proud of him and maintains the good little house cat persona that she has developed this season. I find it really odd that in this season there has been very little lovey dubby stuff between those two. It’s kinda strange. I guess there has been a little too much going on to be sitting around thinking about how hunky dory everything is.

So Clark goes to the Talon to meet with Rachel, because let’s face it, if there is nothing happening at the Kent Farm it has to be bangin at the Talon. So Clark meets with Rachel and she does her fair share of flirting with Clark and Clark isn’t impressed and reveals that he realy doesn’t know who she is. He doesn’t watch many movies. This entices her even more with Clark’s Farm boy persona. Chloe bursts in and Clark introduces her. Rachel agrees to an interview with Chloe but first has to talk with the police because it turns out her car trouble on set was no accident. The Break lines were cut and the accelerator was tampered with. This explains why she didn’t just let off the gas and roll to a stop. Clark knows it’s not safe for Rachel anymore and makes her stay with him and Lana at the farm.

At the DP Lois is finally back! She uncovers a piece of land purchased in the Luthor name near the Dam that exploded. She decides to check it out despite direct orders from Grant. This finds us at the cabin where Lionel is alive! Surprise surprise. He is being held misery style in a cabin by a woman named Merilyn, who apparently likes The Weed! He quickly finds he is not really being nursed back to health as much as he is being held captive. I think it was the bear trap clamped to his wrist that tipped him off.

Meanwhile back on the farm, Rachel is trying to put the moves on Clark in the loft. Lana interrupts at the perfect time with a great line about wanting to rehearse that scene with Clark later. Come on. That’s Lana and Clark’s loft. Lana is definitely not having some hussy try and seduce her Super Man on her turf. The scene confrontation diffuses with Clark of course being innocent of anything and Rachel talking about how much Clark loves her. Rachel leaves and Lana tells Clark he is off the hook and that a fan boy might be trying to off Rachel based on a quwam he has with the movie. According to the comics, Warrior Angel’s lady dies because she is holding him back from becoming the superhero the world needs. In the movie she lives. This does not make this particular fan happy and leaves some threatening words on the forums.

Clark goes to see Lex and they share a scene for the first time this season. Oh how I cherish these moments. Lex is looking at pictures of Kara. He has been looking into her past, a fake iron clad past that Chloe has made for her. Clark interrupts and Lex isn’t really happy to see him. Lex informs Clark with the Warrior Angel mythology. It seems Rachel is in danger of being shot on set. One has to think back to the horrible way Brandon Lee was killed on the set of the Crow. I wonder if that’s where the writers got the idea?

So Clark goes to the set. Meanwhile one of the movie crew replaces the blanks in the gun for a real bullet. Clark uses his X-Ray vision and grabs the bullet before anyone notices. Really cool scene. I like how they don’t show him with everything in slow-mo like they usually do. It kinda makes the scene more dynamic. Unfortunatly for Clark he opens his hand showing the smoking bullet right in front of the hiding crew member that planted the bullet. He quicly realizes that Clark is a real life hero. Just like Warrior Angel.

Next we find Lois snooping around in Lex’s Luthor Corp. office. Lex catches her and says he has nothing to hide. Lois has an “oh yeah, then what about this”(showing Lex the signed deed to the property) moment that I am sure will occur a million times in her lifetime, being the reporter she turns out to be.Lex has no idea what she is talking about but figures out who’s LL initials are on the document.

Lionel is still locked up in the pothead cabin and plots his escape. In a growling scene with the bear trap, he frees his wrist and hit’s Marilyn in the head and runs out into the woods only to be knocked out with a shovel by the person behind his captivity, Lana. So while Lana is standing over Lionel with a smug look on her face, Clark calls and says Rachel might be in danger because if the press knows where she is then so does the psycho blogger. Lana hangs up and goes to get Rachel.

Clark takes the note and comic to Chloe to get it analyzed. She determines where the kids lives and Clark speeds off to find him. The kids is nowhere to be found but transmits a video to Clark telling Clark he is a real hero and need to embrace his destiny to save people. He also tells Clark that Lana is standing in the way.

Back in th Cabin Lionel is back in his bed. Lex walks in and wakes him up and tries to save him. Lionel thinks Lex was behind his capture. Merilyn comes in and holds a gun on Lex and Lionel. Lionel manages to knock her out and basically beats her to death right in front of Lex. They leave the cabin and everyone is happy.

Meanwhile Lana and Rachel are hanging out at Oliver’s old place when the psycho shows up and tazes both Rachel and Lana. The psycho carries Lana to the balcony and throws her over. Lana is happy because she for once doesn’t have to be knocked out for Clark to save her. She plummets to her death with a calm about her knowing that Clark with get there and save her. He jumps over the edge and (I would like to imagine he flies) falls down and catches Lana and the two share a cute little moment with the world zooming by them as they fall. Clark lands on a car crushing it, all the while staring deep into Lana’s doe eyes. Yea!

Later Lionel confronts Lana in the barn. Lana doesn’t comp to anything and lies her way through the conversation. Lionel isn’t buying it but leaves. Lana is a bad bad woman, but doing it to protect her and Clark…and get a little revenge. Oh a womans scorn.

Lex tries to befriend the psycho who is now in Belle Reve by giving rare Warrior Angel comics. Being a true fan of the Superhero he doesn’t give away Clark’s powers. He knows Lex is the villain in the story.

Back at the Farm Lana tells Clark that the world needs him and that one day he will have to leave her to save the world. Clark reassures her that he isn’t going anywhere and that life for the first time is perfect. He receives a package from Rachel. Clark opens it to find a Red Cape! AWESOME SCENE. Clark drapes it on the fence and walks back inside. That scene summarizes Smallville to a T. Clark has put being a Superhero on the back burner. He is rejecting it. but he knows it is waiting there for him. Great stuff.

Overall great episode. I really enjoyed all of it. I feel they are pushing the whole Clark can’t be with Lana because she is keeping him from becoming Superman. It’s like they are beating us over the head with it. We know they can’t be together because he has to be Superman. We don’t need every plot to point this out some how. We get it ok? That is my only problem with all the episodes really. Anyway what did you guys think?


Episode #7-6: “Lara”


This episode had a lot of Jaw dropping moments for sure. We start of with a sweet view of Kandor as it is about to be destroyed. Zor-El is saying goodbye to Kara before she flys off to earth. I know the set was just the fortress with a revamp but it gives me chills every time I see anything to do with the origins of any Kryptonian. This was a great scene.

It then flashes back to the present where Kara is float/flying on her back in the sky, day dreaming. She almost hits a plane, which was a pretty sweet effect. She then flies away and we see she is in Washington D.C. looking for the crystal.

Next we see Clark and Chloe at the DP. Chloe is researching a company that treats and councils meteor infected people. She side steps that conversation with Clark by telling him that she found Kara. The FAA grounded all flights because of something a pilot saw in D.C. most likely Kara. Next Jimmy confirms that Kara was interested in a spaceship that Lois found. They found a lead connection the ship with the Dept. Of Domestic Security.

Clark goes to see Lionel and shares a very awkward hug. Lionel confirms that the DDS has been in Grandville in an underground lab. Lionel questions Clark about Kara and also tells Clark to stay away from the lab.

Next we see the DDS agent running tests on the blue crystal. They determine that it is not made from anything from earth. You would think that they would already know that since they got it out of a space ship? Lex shows up being nosy like he always is with anything to do with science and extra terrestrials. He basically says he is going to steal the crystal and have the agent removed from the project. It was nice to see Lex getting back to being Lex.

Kara is now on the prowl looking for some poor sap to lead her to the crystal. She uses her super hearing to find one of the young scientists who has been working on the project. She suduces him into giving up the info she needs but when she arrives to steal the crystal it’s gone and Clark is there waiting for her. They exchange words and Kara gets angry and pushes Clark back up against some doors and flies away. Dude she is going to win every time if he doesn’t learn to fly.

Chloe visits Isis, the crises center for the meteor infected, and finds that Lana runs it. Lana tells Chloe not to tell Clark about it. Saying He will just say it’s too dangerous. Chloe smells a rat but doesn’t press the issue.

Kara shows up at the Sp using Jimmy’s computer to track down who had visited the lab other than her. Jimmy comes in and is happy to see her but worried that she is getting in over her head. Together they find out that Lex came to the DDS and before Jimmy can continue Kara speeds off to find Lex. Man how many times have we seen Clark do that to Lana and Chloe. Funny stuff.

Next we get more conformation that Lana is Batman. We watch as her Lex feeds get cut. Kara is now in the Luthor mansion and is looking around for the crystal. She gets caught by the DDS agent and Lex comes in to try and stop him. She ends up getting shot with a knockout dart and Kara is hauled away in Kryptonite handcuffs.

Lana sees that Kara was in the mansion and calls Clark. Clark goes and sees Lex and finds out who has her. Clark takes off to get Kara.

Kara is now locked into a chair with liquid Kryptonite being pumped into her through an IV. She starts to have flashbacks and we see for the first time Clark’s mother, Lara. Lara has come to the Kent farm while they are at church. She wanted to see where her son would live. Kara has followed Lara without her knowing it. The two find each other and start to talk about baby Kal-El. It seems that Kara is the one who named him. Lot’s of good info in this segment! Kara then takes a picture of Lara and hides it behind a picture of Martha.

Next we see Zor-El come through the front door of the Kent house. Kara comes out of her trance to find Clark bust in and yelling at the DDS agent to let Kara go. Clark is effected by all the Kryptonite in the room revealing to the agent that he is a Kryptonian too. Clark manages to knock the agent out and starts to unhook Kara and is drawn into her memory. There he sees his mother cousin and uncle arguing. Here we learn what a creep Zor-El is. Also we find out he stole Lara’s DNA and put it inside the crystal in hope to clone her. What a psycho. Kara overhears the whole conversation and we find out that Zor-El whipped her memory of the event with the S shield crystal thing. Clark snaps out of the trance and finds Kara to be flat lining. Lionel busts in and shoots the DDS agent. (I guess he’s not Brainiac) Clark does Super CPR on Kara in one of the coolest scenes in this episode. She wakes up and shares a cousin hug with Clark.

Next we find the two super cousins sharing a nice family moment. Clark finds the picture of his mother just where Kara envisioned it confirming what they saw really happened. Clark and Kara make up and Clark encourages Kara to get use to living on earth and to start making real relationships with people.

Kara doesn’t waste much time. She goes to the DP to see Jimmy and makes a lunch date with him. She kisses him and the man almost loses it. On his way to get his coat, Jimmy runs into Chloe and the two chat about being friends and Chloe suggests they got to lunch. Chloe sees that Kara is what Jimmy is doing for lunch and warns him to be careful.

Meanwhile back on the Kent farm, Clark shows Lana a picture of his mother. He also shows her that he is the one who stole the crystal. He tells Lana that his real mother’s DNA is in the crystal.

Wow what an episode. Lot’s of good back story and info on everything. Of course it brings up more issues and problems too. I am really interested to see where this will lead. What a great season!


Episode #7-7: “Wrath”


Sorry for the delay with this re-cap. It was a very busy week/weekend. I actually didn’t get to watch this one until late Saturday night (Oh how I love DVR).

So let’s get into it. We begin with Clark and Lana frolicking in the meadow on horseback. Wow that was great. It took me back to season on. This was the first real interaction between the two love birds all season. At least the show acknowledges it by having Clark mention how they haven’t spent much time together hence the horseback ride. So after a little Clana moment we see the lovers get struck by lightning. At first when Lana caught the windmill I though Clark lost his powers but in fact they just sorta copied to Lana. It was strange that they were copied. There has never been an instance where the powers have copied to someone else. I think they did this to create a more interesting story and let’s face it Clark was the only one capable of stopping her when things go wrong. It was actually really cool to see Clark and Lana able to share that together. Probably one of the best scenes in this episode was when Lana figured out what else her powers would allow her to do with Clark. That was great! I laughed so hard when they showed the bent weather vein.

So Chloe comes to see the two love birds after experiencing the tremmers and soon realizes what has been going on. As much as she tried to mask it, Chloe was so jealous. Lana leaves the room after tearing the handle off the refrigerator and Chloe expresses her concern like the loyal best friend she always is. However I think this particular conversation was laced with some jealousy. The two discus the effects of Clark’s powers on the human body with a nice mention of the sorely missed Pa Kent. Not to mention what a psycho Lana is turning into. Lana overhears the conversation and demonstrates rather weakly, her feelings on the two talking about her behind her back. Throwing a picture into a mirror. The picture was of a young Lana, the way she used to be.

So Chloe and Lana go to the Talon for some girl talk and Lana reveals that she was listening in on her and Clark talking about her. Chloe assures her that they have her best interest at heart, but at the same time talking about how dangerous it could be if she were to abuse her new powers. Lana tells Chloe that she intends to use her powers for the greater good, but Chloe is suspicious of who’s greater good she is talking about.

Next we see Lex playing with a new toy. It seems he has obtained some of the key or dust from the key that was in Milton Fine’s ship. So basically we see that Brainiac is trapped in this jar. Lana, who is in the Lana cave spying on Lex decides it would be a great idea to steal this because Lex is still interested in aliens and therefore imposes a danger to Clark. One thing is for sure Lana makes a lousy cat burglar, But I think it’s mostly because she doesn’t care because Lex can’t stop her anyway. So she ends up taking the hard drive that has the research from the project on it.

Mean while Clark goes and sees his new Daddy Linoel, who is on the phone with Ma Kent, and talks to him about Lana. Lionel tells Clark that Lana is a lot darker now and that she was the one who locked him up in the cabin. Clark seems concerned and a little in denial about Lana’s new attitude.

So back on the farm Clark finds Lana’s purse on the table and the temptation is too much for him. He opens it up and finds the Isis Project pamphlet. As he opens it up Lex enters the room and preemptively acknowledges that he knows he is not welcome. Lex gets his dig in and basically says “Doesn’t suck when the ones you love hide things from you?” This really gets Clark’s goat. Clark is bummed and rightly so, but still blows it off thinking that Lana has a good reason for what she does.

So Back at the DP Lois and Grant are talking/Flirting, and Lana buts in with the hard drive and demands that the Planet expose the Luthors. Grant says he can’t run stolen information. Lana grabs Grant, and Lois tries to stop her but kicks kicked through a window. Lana leaves in a huff because no one will help her and knows she must take care of Lex her self.

Clark joins Chloe at the hospital where they explain to Lois that Lana is probably suffering from meteor exposure. Clark talks to Chloe about Isis and the two take off and leave Lois. Lois later tries to leave the hospital but runs into Grant coming to see her at the hospital. Grant gets a nice view of Lois backing into the elevator and tells her to stay away from the Luthors.

Clark and Chloe go to the Isis foundation and snoop around. Clark is a little mad a Chloe for keeping this a secret from him. He discovers the Lana Cave and Chloe swears that she didn’t know about this part of the organization. Clark is a little more than disturbed about Lana’s obsession with Lex.

So Lex is driving and talking to some of the people involved in project Syon when Lana jumps on his car and knocks him out. She takes him back to his evil lab and starts beating him up. They kiss in a very strange and awkward scene but it seems as though she does it in order to electrocute him. Clark busts in to save the day and the two love birds fight. Lex gets knocked out of course and Lana knocks over the vile with Brainiac in it. She is exposed to kryptonite and Clark crawls over and zaps her powers away.

Back at the DP Grant is deleting everything on the hard drive that Lana brought in. He is also on the phone with someone who is basically telling him to get rid of the files. My guess it’s Lionel. Lois comes in and they finally get the 800 lbs elephant in the room out of the way. Lois is a flusy. Anyway so those two are together…ZZZZ

Anyway, so Clark has the humbling experience of going to Lex and ask him if he is pressing charges. Lex assures Clark that he wishes no harm to either of them but says that Lana still has feelings for him. Clark is pretty bummed by this and deep down he might agree with him.

Lana returns to the Lana Cave to find that she has been unplugged. She is not surprised by this but she is surprised that Chloe is the one responsible. Great scene here. Chloe is so awesome! She basically tells Lana that she will do anything to protect Clark and that includes protect him from Lana! Great scene. That opens up things we have never seen before.

Next we have Lex talking with his scientist about the missing substance. They leave the room and the black liquid absorbs into one of the scientists work in the lab, hence giving Brainiac a host. He’s coming back kiddies!

It wouldn’t be Smallville without a wrap up scene between Lana and Clark. Basically Clark lays it out there saying he doesn’t really trust Lana and Lana assures him that she did everything for them and that Lex is looking for Kryptonians again. All that said Lana still wants to be with Clark but Clark I think is getting fed up. Ever since Lana came back he has been bombarded with all these questions of how it will ever work between them. Between living forever and watching everyone die around him and the fact that Lana isn’t the same person anymore. Between him and Lex she is messed up. It will be interesting to see where they go from here.

All in all another great episode. I am curious to see what happens with Lana and Chloe and Lana and Clark for that matter. Of course in the next episode these problems won’t be addressed because they are always swept a side for 3 or more episodes whenever something significant happens.


Episode #7-8: “Blue”


Blue surprisingly picks up not to far from where wrath left us. Clark is clearly having a rough time. We haven’t really seen this kind of anxt since the early seasons. It seems he is struggling with what to do with his life. We find him sitting alone by the fire with a picture of his mother, clearly contemplating letting her out of the crystal. Kara comes in from a surfing date with Jimmy? What?…..I’m sorry what? Come on! They were at the movies, they were horseback ridding, they were just hanging out necking, but surfing…in Kansas? I think the writers when on strike before this episode was written. Anyway, so she comes in and find Clark all bummed about his Mom and she offers to tell him all he wants to know in the morning. Kara goes to bed and Clark starts to hear the crystal call out to him from the bar. It’s his mother’s voice. He grabs the crystal and i s transported to the fortress. Man I was hoping we’d get to see the caves.

So at the fortress, Jor-el begins to talk to him about how she should listen to him and obey him. Clark of course isn’t having any of it. He wants to see his mother. He shoves the crystal into the fortress and his mother is released. At first Lara thinks it’s Jor-el, but Clark tells her he’s Kal-el. Very cool scene. Clark never admits to anyone that that is his name. However when he sees his mother, he forgets about earth and the Kents all together and seems to claim his heritage just for a moment. Lurking in the shadows behind the mother and son is the evil Uncle Zor-el. It appears Lara wasn’t the only one chillin in the crystal.

So Clark takes his mommy back to the farm. Kara comes downstairs and is excited to see her favorite aunt. Lara is pleased that the two have united. Kara is a little miffed at Clark that he hid the crystal from her. I think that had a hand in some of the decisions she makes later.

At the DP we find the forbidden love birds discussing Lois’ latest exposé. That of course leads to them making out and Chloe catching them. You can see on Chloe’s face for a second that that explains the sudden spike in Lois’ journalism career.

So back at the Farm we see Kara looking out the barn window, clearly bummed out. Enter dead father Zor-el. The to reunite not unlike Clark and his Mom. Zor-el explains that everything will be alright and that they will be a family again if Kara helps him. Kara is reluctant, she doesn’t want to do anything to hurt Lara or Clark.

So Zor-el goes to tie up a loose end before his evil plan is set in motion. He visits the “vessel” Lionel in one of the coolest scenes in the episode. It is so awesome that Lionel knows who he is. It’s also strange to see Lionel willing to die for Clark. Afater Lionel gets thrown around a bit, Clark comes in in the nick of time to punch Zor-el through a window. That was great stuff. At that point I thought this is no longer Smallville, this is full out Superman stuff! There were so many things that brought us out of Smallville in this episode and I don’t think it was the mini Kryptonian family reunion although that helped it along. The action and the overall actions of Clark are what really brought this show into a different light. It was great. For that fact alone this was a great episode. Zor-el flies away, and Linoel goes to the hospital. He also tells Clark that Zor-el is looking for Lara.

Back at the DP Chloe tells Lois that she knows about her and Grant and that she needs to knock it off before people start talking. Lois agrees and the matter seems to be settled.

Clark takes Mom to Oliver’s house, which to digress a little, he and Lana should just live there, or even Chloe. It would cut down on the commute tremendously. Plus that place is pimp. Anyway, so Lara tells Clark what a good son he is and all that when Lana comes in. She is looking and feeling a little more than guilty about her actions as of late. Clark asks Lana to look after his mother while he goes and looks for Zor-el. Lana agrees reluctantly. Lara gives Clark his father’s ring. Clark puts it on and zaps all of his powers. Chloe has a great line about this later! So Clark loses his powers and of course Zor-el shows up. He quickly kicks Clark’s butt who can’t believe Kara sold him out.

Lana is really nervous entertaining her suto mother-in-law and can’t even poor the tea. Lara tells Lana that she can sense the darkness in her. That she shouldn’t let the darkness consume her. Just then Zor-el swoops in and takes Lara and knocks Lana out for the 1 millionth time. Clark sees it happen and rushes to check on Lana.

Clark crosses the street and heads to the DP. Chloe is shocked to see him all bloodied up. The two decide that they must return to the place where all of Smallville’s problems are solved…The Kent Barn!

Next we find Lex and Grant doing what all rich and powerful manly men do. Play pool and talk about chicks. So it appears that Lex and Grant are in kahoots. Boy Lois sure knows how to pick’em. Lex is concerned about Grant’s relationship with Lois and tells him to end it.

Next we see the crazy El family gathered in the fortress and Zor-el finally reveals his evil plan. He is going to block out the sun killing all the humans and then repopulate the earth with he and Lara’s Kryptonian babies. Yikes. Lara pleads with Zor-el not to hurt Clark and to bring him to the fortress so he will be safe. Zor-el agrees but only if Lara doesn’t fight his advances.

Back at the barn, Clark still can’t get the ring off despite his attempts with the grinder. Chloe stops him and suddenly the sky starts to darken. Clark runs out of the barn and looks up into the sky seeing a very Heroes scene of the sun being eclipsed. As a side note Lana is in the hospital which is a bummer for Clark because he doesn’t have his abilities and if Lana knew about it I am sure she would be wanting to take advantage. As another side not, you would think he would freeze like Chloe did at the end of season 5 when he gets to the fortress. Oh well.

Back at the DP Lois and Grant try to break it off but just end up making out.

At the fortress Lara pulls out another one of those goofy Kryptonian daggers. Kara takes it from her and tells her it’s her fault that Zor-el found them and that she will take care of him. Zor-el comes in. Kara tries to stab Zor-el but he grabs her wrist and starts to choke her. Clark comes in with Kryptonite and Zor-el drops Kara. Clark puts the rock on Zor-el’s chest to pin him down. Kara and Lara tell Clark to smash the blue crystal to get rid of Zor-el. Clark does so reluctantly knowing that it will take his mother away. The crystal is smashed and the fortress and the world return to normal. Only there is one problem. What happen to Kara?

She’s in Detroit! How cool is that? Well really cool, since I live in Michigan. I wonder if she needs a place to stay??? Hmmm anyway, so she is in D-town and apparently has lost her memory and her powers. Dang it!

Back in the barn Clark is stacking some hay. Lana comes in tells him how sorry she is about him having to give up his mother. Somehow the conversation switches to her. I mean come on, does it always have to be about you Lana? So she goes on to tell him that she doesn’t deserve him and that she can’t help the darkness inside her. Clark reassures her that she can find her way back and that he won’t leave her. Awwww.

So Grant comes into Lex’s office and dumps all the bugs on his desk. He is pretty mad that Lex doesn’t trust him. He tells Lex that he broke it off with Lois and that Lex can’t control his life. Lex apologizes and assures him that he only has his safety in mind. No one can know that he is really……Julian Luthor DUN DUN DUN! Wow that is quite a twist!

Next we see Clark in the fortress talking to Jor-el. Jor-el continues to harp on Clark about his human qualities and how they get him in trouble. He assures Clark that his actions are not with out consequence. Man that Jor-el is a bummer.

So that’s how we are left. No Smallville till Dec. 13th! I am interested to see how this one goes.


Episode #7-9: “Gemini”


Wow! That’s all I can really say. I think this is the first time I have every been shocked into an audible outburst on Smallville. There were tons of big things in this episode.

This episode began as just another example of Lois being Lois. We have Her and Grant in the closet making out and that dovetails into Grant giving her a huge assignment on Lex Luthor. Lois is to do an exposé on the balded billionaire, with the consent of Lex himself. Lois is skeptical since there are many writers who are way more qualified than she is to write the story, but learns that Lex specifically asked for her. Lois is reassured that she didn’t get the job based on their relationship and should get to work.

The two exit their hiding place. Enter Chloe. She is on the phone with Clark’s voice mail. She is worried because he has been gone for two weeks and hasn’t called her back and she is tired of covering for him. She hangs up and hands Lois a thick package of all kinds of dirt on Lex. Lois is pumped and Chloe walks away. Lois hears a phone ringing and looks around for one. She fins a cell in her desk. she looks around for the owner and then answers. She tells the person on the other end that this is not her phone. The man on the other line convinces her that she is the one he wants to talk to by telling her there is a bomb on Chloe. For some reason I pictured Bruce Willis to come running through the door, but no dice. The man on the phone, Adrian, tell Lois that she needs to write a story, his story, about how Lex cloned him in a project called Gemini. The experiment failed and he is rapidly degenerating. If Lois refuses to write the story or tries to contact anyone about the bomb on Chloe, Chloe dies….again.

Next we find Lex and Grant/Julian fencing in the most used room in the Luthor mansion, the office. Grant warns Lex that he is making a mistake having Lois write the story on him. He thinks that Lois will dig too deep exposing him as Julian. Lex assures him that Lois will get no dirt on him because there is no dirt to find. Wow Lex is in a scary place. He lies so much that there is never an instance where he tells anyone the truth. Not even a brother he created.

Back at the DP Lois is trying to figure out a way to tell Chloe about the bomb without letting Adrian know. There is even a feeble attempt to take out a mail delivery man Lois thinks is Adrian. She is wrong and the suto UPS man is killed.

Back on the Kent farm, Lana is occupying her time by taking care of the horses. She is out in the barn when Clark returns from the fortress. We learn that Clark has been gone for 2 weeks and Clark explains to Lana that he has no sense of time while in the fortress. He is bummed out that he couldn’t find Kara and has come to terms with the fact that she could be gone forever. Lana tells Clark that she has been doing some thinking and that she doesn’t want to obsess over Lex anymore. Clark says he was the one who made the mistakes and that he should have helped Lana take down Lex. He suggests that they team up to take him down. They go to Lana’s Isis foundation and opens up her Batcave again. Clark again tells her that it’s just as much his fault that drove Lana away to Lex. That he wants to help put things right. Lana is confused but tells Clark there is something that he needs to see.

Back at the DP Lois has found a way to get the bomb message to Chloe. She has dotted the message on a package by acting like she is tapping a marker on the back of an envelope. Pretty smart thinking. The pack age is delivered to Chloe but she doesn’t read it before she leaves.

So Clark and Lana go to to the secret hospital/lab where Lana tells Clark there was a lab tech. that came in contact with the black substance that was in the glass vile that broke during the Episode Wrath. The woman had dangerously high metal content in her blood stream. The woman was quarantined in this catatonic state. Lana tells Clark that she has been mumbling something that no one can decipher. Clark tells Lana that he is not surprised because she is speaking Kryptonian. Wow that was awesome. Clark begins to write it down.

Back at the DP Chloe gets on the elevator with Jimmy. The two share an awkward moment in the elevator before Chloe reads the message “Bomb On You”

To Be Continued….


11 Responses to “Smallville Season 7”

  1. So you wouldn’t want to clone me??? he he he : p

  2. Thank you so much for this information! I looked everywhere to find about season seven.

    I just have one question. In Episode seven, Wrath, Lex talks to Clark and says that Lana has fillings for HIM.

    Who is him? Did Lex tells Clark: Lana has still feelings for me or Clark, Lana has feelings for you Clark..didnt get it.

  3. Mikki,

    Thanks for coming to the site. Glad you like it.

    As for your question, I believe Lex meant that Lana still had feelings for him (Lex). He thinks that because she is so obsessed with hating him. I don’t the kiss had anything to do with his theory. I think she just did that so she could electrocute him. It’s hard to say at this point. Lana is pretty messed up, as well she should be considering what sh has went through over the past 7 years not to mention loosing her parents. It will be interesting to see how she ends up.

  4. Im like smallville story of superman Im want tom welling be superman
    in smallville

  5. Interesting internet site / hope to come back

  6. Hi. In Episode 8. Blue, how in the world does Clark get to the fortress without his superpowers? He didn’t get the blue-mineral ring off his finger, so he is powerless. Did he take a bus?


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