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Bizarro AM Not Baseball

Posted in Baseball, Bizarro, Detroit, MLB, New York, Superman, Tigers, Yankees on May 22, 2008 by superman1224

Never in my life have I been more delighted and saddened at the same time. I will say this, the cover of the latest Sports Illustrated definitely sums up this crazy 08 baseball season. There is no better examples of this Bizarro season than the New York Yankees, and the Detroit Tigers. Of course they just happen to be my two favorite teams (go figure). The Tigers and the Yankees are the top two highest paid lines ups in all of basebal l, but that’s not the only thing they have in common. They are both in last place in their divisions. All hope is not lost. As I remember correctly, the Yankees were all but dead last year before the All-Star break, only to make a mad run to the post season. As for the Tigers, well you can’t get spoiled faster in Detroit. There is no fickler fan than a Detroit fan. They’re the first to jump ship at the first sign of trouble. The Wings are in the Stanley Cup Finals, the Pistons are in the Eastern Conference Finals, but all people can do is complain about the Tigers.

I’m making my first trip to Yankee Stadium This Sat, so here is hoping that the Yanks can do the same to Seattle that the Tigers did. Let’s also hope that Jeter’s hand is ok to play for me too!


Start Spreading The News!

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So my wife is the GREATEST WIFE ON THE PLANET! Think yours is good, see if she matches up to this. Friday night the wife sits me down and presents me with 2 tickets to the Yankees VS Seattle (awesome seats by the way) in Yankee Stadium! This is awesome for a bunch of solid reasons. 1) I am a huge Yankees fan. 2) I have never been to Yankee Stadium or NYC and have ALWAYS wanted to go. 3) It’s the last season the Yankees will play there. 5) We are road tripping there and stopping at cool places along the way. 6) This is for OUR anniversary! Seriously, what wife takes their husband to Yankee Stadium for their anniversary? That’s what I thought!

So this begs the question to all you kids that have gone before me. What are so must see places in NYC? I’m talking sights, shops, and eats! Here is what I have so far

-Yankee Stadium

-The Empire State Building

-Liberty Island/Statue Of Liberty

-Time Square

-The Dekota

-Red Bank NJ (To visit the secret Stash)

-Ground Zero

-CBGB’s (Well where is use to be anyway)

-Karlssonwilker Inc. (design firm and book that got me through college

Bush league? You be the judge.

Posted in A-Rod, Bush-league, Deadspin, Yankees on May 31, 2007 by superman1224

Why I love the Yankees but hate A-Rod.

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Let’s not forget this gem!

The Weekend Sporgy!

Posted in Baseball, Basketball, Becca, Boston Red Sox, Chicago White Sox, Detroit Pistons, Detroit Tigers, Flames, Hockey, Michigan, Playoffs, Red Wings, Softball, Sports, Yankees on April 23, 2007 by superman1224

Sports Sports Sports! I can’t remember a better weekend for sports. Let me break it down.

Saturday: Tigers Play the White Sox. The Yankees play Boston. The Red Wings (Kill) play the Flames, and the Pistons beat the Magic. Whew! I am tired just reading all that. The coolest part of that is I watched them all accept the Yanks Boston game. Good thing too. Since the Yanks got killed.

Sunday: NewSong Softball Practice! 2nd Softball practice with my wife and closest friends. Tigers beat the Sox Yanks play Boston and lose again and to cap off the night The Wings advance beating the Flames in Double OT.

Monday: I’m Sun burnt tired and a little sore. That means it was an awesome weekend.

How was yours?