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Somebody’s Babby Daddy

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OH! [cough, cough, cough] Wow there is a lot of dust around here. Hmm I suppose this should be just like ridding a bike so here goes. I’ve been on the fence about starting this blog up again. The pretentious side of me wanted to give it up. I mean come on, who blogs anymore? With The Twitter and The Facebook is there really a need? I mean aren’t we inundated with unsolicited information about one another that there isn’t really a reason to blog anymore? I suppose one could make the argument that at least with blogs people elect to read what you have to say. It doesn’t just show up on your phone or on your wall or what have you. You have to make a conscious decision to read what this person has to say. But then I got to thinking about a few things. One, I’ve recently become a father. I know that just this one monumental change in my life will render some sort of interesting conversation. It definitely makes me appeal to a much larger audience. Two, I miss the community and the creative outlet. I’ve always enjoyed writing and I have really missed the friendships I’ve made through this blog. Three, I was looking at a friend’s blog today and there sitting atop his blog roll was my name. I felt so ashamed. Here sits one of the coolest, funnest, and nicest guys on the Internets, who has all these podcasts and fans and famous friends, and has listed me so prominently on his site, and my blog hasn’t had a regular post made to it in years. So here I am. I’m not sure how regularly I will be posting but I can assure you I will be building this puppy back up to what it once was. Maybe even better. So please don’t unsubscribe to me just yet. There is more to come.

So how have you guys been?



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A Sad Day

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I feel weak. I feel confused. I feel saddened. I feel……thirsty.

Today is a sad day. I can’t for the life of me open the lid to my newly purchased Dr. Pepper! Someone at the factory must have thought of the sick joke of super gluing the cap on this thing. I’ve always thought of myself as the go-to guy for getting lids open. I’ve also been accused of being the guy who puts the lids on too tight. I have met my match. It has been 30 min since my purchase and I still can’t get that %$#*@ !^ Lid off!

I feel shame.


45 minutes, an exacto knife to break the seal, and a pair of plyers later, I finally got the cap off! The irony…..I was no longer in the mood for a warm drink.

I’m back

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I’ve decided for 2009 I am going to blog again. There has been a good stretch of time since I’ve posted on a consistent bases. I’ve really missed all of you out there that have been faithful to this little piece of real estate on the web and it is because of you that I make my return.

Over the next week I hope to catch you all up on what has been happening since I changed jobs, as well as all other aspects of my life. I also hope to give a run down on all the music I’ve been cranking for the past 4 months or so, as well as movies, and other things that have kept my senses on fire.

Stay tuned.

NBC Heroes Countdown

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I love Me some Heroes

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This makes me laugh everytime I watch it.

Designing The STOP Sign

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Russ posted this on his tumbler site. It was too good and hit too close to home for me not to share this with you guys…..and girls……and the other demographics.