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Top 10 Songs of the week

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So I realize with all this t-shirt business going on I have been lacking in my blogging. I totally missed the Top 5 last week, so this week I am doing my top 10. So here we go.

10. “Apocalypse Please” By Muse. These guys have been sitting in my iTunes for like 3 weeks now. They are so talented. A little political but that’s okay.

9. “Stockholm Syndrome” By Muse. Really crazy guitar work on this one.

8.” Soldier’s Poem” By Muse. This song reminds me of Elvis’ version of “fools rush in”. It’s a very moody song. I bet you can guess what it’s about! Anyway great song.

7. “Lazy Eye” By Silversun Pickups. Can’t get enough of this song

6. “All We Need Is You” By Mr. Charlie Hall. I am so Jacked we are playing this at NewSong on Sunday. I love this song. The words are so simple but guess what…it defines what are attitude should be!

5. “Micah 6:8″ By Mr. Charlie Hall. I will tell you this one day we will play this song at NewSong.

4.”Disarray” By Lifehouse. Oh the goodness of Lifehouse. Go buy the record.

3.”If This Is Goodbye” By Lifehouse. Not on the CD only in iTunes online store. I’m mad about it but I had to buy it.

2.”Broken” By Lifehouse. This so is so perfect in so many ways. I may have to post this one.

1.5.”Who We Are” I agree with Conner, this should have been the Cd’s first single.

1.”Whatever It Takes” By Lifehouse. Speechless about this song. That’s why it’s #1!

Ok so this turned into a MUSE and Lifehouse fanboy session but I love music and I love these guys. As alway post your tops.


Lifehouse: Who We Are, Reviewed

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bigger_lifehouse.pngThere are few things that I have waited for with such great anticipation. Lifehouse has always been one of those bands that I find myself coming back to again and again. Just when I have forgotten all about them they come back with a song that just sticks out and comes through with a lot of emotion. They also kill when it comes to soundtracks and songs for teenage mellow drama. Hey what can I say I dig sissy rock.

The new CD “Who We Are” is the band’s fourth offering and like the three before it blends a nice mix of rockin songs as well as emotional check lists. I went to Meijer at 2:00 am to get this badboy and I am so glad I did. Let me break it down for you right quick.

1. Disarray: Kicks off the album nicely. This is the sound that you expect from Lifehouse. It has a familiar feel. Slow and steady verse with a high tempo chorus.

2. First Time: This is the bands first single and I never got to hear it all the way through because they only had it on their myspace for a minute or so. Now that I have head it all the way I love it even more. Another great hit.

3. Whatever It Takes: This song is probably one of my favorites on the record. It’s the perfect “I messed up and I’m sorry” song. Again an emotional song.

4. Who We Are: This song is a little different from the rest of their songs. However it still takes off and and rocks. You just have to give it a second. Good song.

5. Broken: This song is a previously unreleased song from their Blyss days. This is another emotional/inspirational song. This is where they get back to their worship roots. It’s really about just hanging on for dear life to God because you know He is the only one who can save you. Really GREAT STUFF!

6. The Joke: This song really took me by surprise. I was like wow where did that come from? It has kinda a swing feeling to it. Really different but still really cool. I admire bands who try new things even if it is a risk.

7. Easier To Be: This song has an old feel to it. Like the stuff on their first and second record. The songs that were good but no one knew about. Musically there is some great guitar work on there.

8. Make Me Over: Back to business on this song. Jason really shows his vocal talent in this song. The dude can slide up and down like a yodeler. Good song but not my favorite on the CD.

9. Mesmerized: The CD takes a little slide here. I have only listen to the CD twice all the way through so this song still has to grow on me. Now a big fan of it. This is another song where they tried something different but with not as much success.

10. Bridges: Cd picks up a little here. They lay down some fat beats and march it out. Good stuff. Sounds a lot like the first record.

11. Learn You Inside Out: This song sounds like something John Lennon whould have wrote. It’s a lot of piano. Good stuff though. I really like the mood of it.

12. Storm: This is another song from the Blyss days. This song is so great. Another nod to worship. In this studio mix Jason starts the song by himself. It sounds like he is down in a pit. Slowly the piano comes in as he gets into the meat of the song. Great mix. Really happy they finally put this on a record. Lifehouse always finishes their CDs strong.

Over all I give the Vocals 5 out of 5 stars. Music 4 out of 5 (Only because they slipped a little with Mesmerized). Lyrics I give it 6 out of 5 stars. The dude can just write what’s on his heart. Nuff said. Now go buy it.

*****Update*****  Two things. 1 iTunes being the punks they are, are selling a song that is not on the CD! What the crap is that all about? Anyway, I bought it for 99¢. It’s called “If This Is Goodbye”. They’re lucky it is a great song otherwise I would be angry.  So make sure you pick that one up as well. Secondly, being the nice guy I am I am posting one of my favorite songs from the CD. It’s called “Watever It Takes”. Lyrically powerful song. Check it out!″

Top 5 songs of the week

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Here are the top five songs of the week. It’s so crazy how every week I  find new music. It never ends.

5. “Almost Honest” By Josh Kelly. Pretty mellow song. Very different genera from which I normally listen to, but hey a man has to grow. I first heard this song in a Smallville episode. Good stuff

4. “Lola Stars And Stripes” By The Stills. Again different but very cool stuff.

3. “Blackout” By Muse. This has a Edward Scissorhands feel to it. You’ll just have to listen to it to know what I mean.

2. “Valentine’s Day” By Linkin Park. One think about listening to CDs in your car is unless you really know a cd by heart you never know what the son is called. So When I got to work I clicked through trying to find this song. Then I was like Duh! He only screams Valentine’s Day a hundred times at the end. Anyway really cook song.

1. “Lazy Eye” By Silversun Pickups. Never heard of these guys before Wednesday of this week. My brother in law was telling me about them and said I should check them out. Good stuff. They have a Smashing Pumpkins feel to them.

Well that’s the list. As always, post your top 5 songs of the week.

Top 5 songs of the week

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Okay so not to cheat you kids out of the Top 5 of the week, here is the list for this week.

5) “Criminal” By After Midnight Project. Pretty political song. The song is about a soldier that my buddy Jason met. Jason asked him about the war in Iraq and how her felt about it. The kid said he felt like a criminal while he was there. Interesting perspective if you ask me. Good song, lots of highs and lows to it.

4) “Hands Held High” By Linkin Park. Moving song. The marching beat really sets the tone for this song. Again very political. I swear I’m not very political it’s just so happens these songs are.

3) “Valentine’s Day” By Linkin Park. A really soothing song for some reason. Although it picks up toward the end to really drive the song home. There is something really haunting about Chester’s voice. These guys have come a long way. I think Rick Rubin had a lot to do with the sound on this record. BTW while in L.A. I saw Rick Rubin’s house (where they recorded this record) and it is ridiculous! Bar far one of the craziest houses I have ever seen.

2) “Pretty Handsome Awkward” By The Used. Just got this cd yesterday. Great stuff. The Beat in this song is really catchy. It makes me think of like an old Mötley Crüe song. Really different style for these guys.

1) “Earthquake” By The Used. Really great song! That’s why it’s #1 I guess. When I hear songs like this I look over at Russ and say hey man you gotta hear this. Then Russ doesn’t listen to it for like a week and then he finds it on my iTunes and makes a post about it. So be on the look out for that one.

So that’s it. As always post your top 5. Let’s try and get a little more participation this week. It’s really easy. Go to your iTunes and go under the smart playlist that says Top 25 most played and there ya go. Or even Recently Played. Either one will tell you what you’ve been rockin.

Top 5 songs of the week (last week)

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Yeah I know I owe you guys so here are the top five songs of last week since I decided to play hookie and go to the Tiger game with the Mud Puppy and Teledan.

5) “Shadow Of The Day” By Linkin Park. This is a haunting song, meaning the words and music just reverberate in your head all day after you listen to it.

4) “S.O.S.” By After Midnight Project. My buddy can write that’s all there is to it.

3) “Back Down” By After Midnight Project. Jason wrote this song for his girl about their new relationship. He tried his hardest to write a song that could be played on Gray’s Anatomy. I don’t EVER watch that show but the song sounds like a song that could be played on that type of show. Very well written!

2) ” Finding Home” By Saosin. Just buy the record already will ya!

1) “You’re not alone” By Saosin. Get the cd. Put it into your cd player. Skip a head to track 10. Listen. Love. Feel Better!

As always post your top 5 of the week or for last week.

Top 5 Songs Of The Week.

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This week is a little one sided due to the amount of Lifehouse in my diet. I know most of you may not have heard these songs before so you really should got to the lifehouse-media site.

5. “Revolution Cry” By Lifehouse.

4. “Joshua” By Lifehouse. This song is Lifehouse at it’s best.

3. “Eghties” By Lifehouse

2. “The Edge” By Lifehouse

1. “You Can Shake The Mountains” By Lifehouse

I know I am a Lifehouse groupie but these guys are really great song writers. Please check these songs out you will not be disappointed. As always post your top 5 of the week.

Top 5 Songs Of The Week. (a day early)

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So I know it’s not Friday yet but it is for me. I’m taking the day off work tomorrow and probably a little break from the computer too. However I don’t want to cheat you kids out of the Top 5 Songs that have been rocking my head all week. So here they are.

5. “Nothing at all” By Third Day. So The Mud got the Third Day “Chronology” cd the other day and I fell in love with these guys all over again. Sometimes you can get distracted by the greatness of Crowder and forget about some of the other guys.

4. “Consuming Fire” By Third Day. This song is killer. I want to play this song on Sundays.

3. “We Shine” By Steve Fee. Don’t really know this guy but the lyrics are so right on. This easily could be an anthem for any Christ Follower!

2. “Psalm 40” By NewSong. So perfect for our Church! We’re also playing this one Sunday. It only took us 3 years to do it.

1. “Skin” By Breaking Benjamin. This is just some old back to basics Rock and I love it!

As always post yours, or if you want to wait until tomorrow that’s cool too.