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Super Bowl Logos

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Every Super Bowl Logo including next years. What’s your favorite?


Softball Season Begins

Posted in Mud And Steel, NewSong, Softball, Sports on June 12, 2008 by superman1224

It’s that time of the year again. Today marks the beginning of another NewSong Softball season. There have been a few changes since last year. We have another new coach. We’ve had a few go into retirement but we’ve also got some new prospects being called up to fill some empty spots. It should be a good group. To track the teams progress check out our softball site. Hopefully Pete will continue doing a great job maintaining the site. Also maybe I can talk Russ into doing another Softball Today!

Andy Roddick Beat Me With A Frying Pan

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andyfryingpan.jpgOn the way into work this morning, Todd Gallagher, an ex EPSN writer, was talking about his book “Andy Roddick Beat Me With A Frying Pan”. It’s a book with some of the funniest hypothetical sports questions that Todd tries to find the answers to. They are the kinds of questions that everyone has asked when talking with a group of friends. For instance:

– Can a morbidly obese man shut out an NHL team if he played goalie?

– Would a team with nothing but midgets be the best offense in baseball?

– Could the worst pitcher in baseball hit better than the average guy.

– Could Andy Roddick beat the average guy in tennis only using a frying pan?

– Could an average guy start in the WNBA?

– Would sumo wrestlers make great NFL linemen?

– How good are pro golfers at miniature golf?

– Do pro athletes really play drunk or high?

– How would a fan hit against a major league pitcher?

To hear some of the answers and their explanation is sometimes even funnier than the question. The coolest part about the book is that he actually puts these questions to the test in the best way possible. One of the funniest things in the interview was when Todd was talking to this pro dart player who had no ego what so ever. He explained to Todd that he could take the average guy who likes to play darts and train him to play on a professional level in a month. Which answers the question, are some pros only good because they practice non stop or is it because they have a natural ability improved by practice? This book is definitely on my to read list.

SHE DID IT! (1 hour 58 minutes 12 seconds)

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So she made it. Becca started her half marathon at 7 am on Saturday morning May 26th. Let me tell you this, she was bookin! She finished at 1 hour 58 minutes and 12 seconds. This was a personal best for her. Her last time for the half marathon (13.1 miles) during her training was 2 hours 8 minutes, so a considerable improvement. She finished 20th in her age group (20-24) and 300th out of 900 runners over all. The winner of the half marathon ran it in 1 hour 38 minutes. So hey Becca was only 20 minutes back from the winner.

Becca’s Aunt Jane ran the half marathon as well and despite an injury and never being able to run the full 13 miles during her training (the most she was able to run was 8 miles due to the injury) finished the race without stopping in 2 hours and 38 minutes. We were so proud of both of them.

The Weekend Sporgy!

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Sports Sports Sports! I can’t remember a better weekend for sports. Let me break it down.

Saturday: Tigers Play the White Sox. The Yankees play Boston. The Red Wings (Kill) play the Flames, and the Pistons beat the Magic. Whew! I am tired just reading all that. The coolest part of that is I watched them all accept the Yanks Boston game. Good thing too. Since the Yanks got killed.

Sunday: NewSong Softball Practice! 2nd Softball practice with my wife and closest friends. Tigers beat the Sox Yanks play Boston and lose again and to cap off the night The Wings advance beating the Flames in Double OT.

Monday: I’m Sun burnt tired and a little sore. That means it was an awesome weekend.

How was yours?