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Misheard Lyrics

Posted in Funny, Music, Pearl Jam, YouTube on January 29, 2009 by superman1224

In honor of this. I give you this…

I needed that!

h/t: Russ


Worship 1-25-09

Posted in Music, NewSong, Worship, Worship Leading on January 22, 2009 by superman1224

It’s been 3 years in the making. This Sunday I will lead worship for the first time. There are a lot of emotions involved as I prepare for this Sunday. Rehearsal is toinght, and a true test to see how it’s going to go on Sunday. I ask that for those of you who read this blog pray for me and pray for my team. Pray that God’s hand is upon us and that He as well as the Holy Spirit atend NewSong on Sunday.

Here is the set list.

Forever (G)

Blessed Be Your Name (C)

How He Loves US (C)

Marvelous Light (B)

Here in My Shame (G)

I’ll most likly post some sort of confessional on here. Again I can’t stress enough, please pray for us.

Mark Tremonti Instructional DVD

Posted in Alter Bridge, Mark Tremonti, Music on January 9, 2009 by superman1224

tremonti_dvd_one_sheet_smallAs most of you know Mark Tremonti is my guitar hero. I think he is one of the greatest players out there today. What’s more is he is an awesome person. I got a chance to hang with him and the his Dad, along with the rest of his band Alter Bridge after a show they played in Detroit. Super nice guy. Anyway, has finally released his 3 hour instructional DVD. At $39.95. here is the write up.

Step inside the mind of one of today¹s most influential rock guitarists. This all-access video couples instruction with the inside story of a self-taught guitarist who has made it to the biggest stages in the world. From techniques and exercises to writing and performing, Mark gives a comprehensive look at his playing and the ways he pushes himself to continue developing as an artist. Also included are in-depth guest lessons by Myles Kennedy, Michael Angelo Batio, Troy Stetina, Rusty Cooley and Bill Peck, making this the most informative and well-rounded guitar instruction video of all time.

Feature List:

  • Three hours of footage
  • Tablature book
  • Breakdown of 8 complete solos from Alter Bridge’s Blackbird album
  • 40+ exercises covering; Solos, Fingerstyle, Vibrato, Picking, Legato and Rhythm Guitar
  • Guest lessons by Myles Kennedy,  Michael Angelo Batio, Troy Stetina,  Rusty Cooley, Bill Peck
  • Live rig and guitar tour
  • Documentary style inside look at  Mark’s story as a guitarist and songwriter
  • Alternate camera angles on select lessons
  • Approach to alternate tuning
  • Includes 9 original example compositions
  • Introduction by Paul Reed Smith
  • Live concert footage

Btw here is my and my buds with Mark after the show. This is for you sir.

*Notice my boy Evan totally stealing my man love!

Music I digg…2008 edition

Posted in Best Of 2008, Music, Worship on January 8, 2009 by superman1224

Since there has been quite a bit of time since my last postings I’ve decided to forgo the best of 2008 series that seems to be all the rage on blogs this time of year. The reason being is a lot that would be mentioned on that list would seem really out of left field since I haven’t really discussed any of them on this blog all year. So this is just a list of great albums that have been on repeat for me.

lifehouseLifehouse -Who We Are
This one probably doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone. This was the most antisapated album of the year for me. I love this CD. Great from cover to cover.

jimmyJimmy Eat World – Chase This Light
Up until about 2 months ago this got my vote for my favorite album of 2008. Still to it’s credit, it still wakes me up every morning! This is probably in my top ten lifetime!


Breaking Benjamin – Phobia
This Album rocked my face off. Something about the lyrics and the thick heavy distortion and the angelic melodies just did it for me. Still rock this one a lot.

fooFoo Fighters – Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace
Not only does this album kill it but it also get’s my vote for best album cover of the year and maybe the last 5 years. This band is so great I pinch myself because I can’t believe one person can be apart of two great bands!

ampAfter Midnight Project – The Becoming
I know this might seem like a broken record but I LOVE THESE GUYS. I know they are my friends and I am a little bias but I’m telling you, these guys are going to be in your face on a global scale in 2009 I can feel it. They have been signed (finally) to Universal and their album should be due out in March or April. I had the extream privilege to hear the new record over Christmas as well as have a beer and some hot wings with the guitar player. I will tell you this much, the rough mixes I heard blow up anything I’ve heard in the last 2 years! More to come on these guys in the up coming months.


Snow Patrol – A Hundred Million Suns
This album shocked me as to how great it was. I didn’t really expect much but I really love this one. It’s for those days where you just want to sit back and relax. Not an everyday cd otherwise you could find yourself depressed, but still works when in the mood for it.

evanblueEvans Blue – The Melody And The Energetic Nature Of Volume
This one is up there with Breaking Ben. Lots of heavy stuff but also very dynamic. Love these guys a lot.

kingsKing of Leon – Only By The Night
If you haven’t heard of these guys by now you will. This is one of those sleeper albums that all of a sudden blows up. I was fortunate to get in on these guys early on and I can tell you this is a great album. Very different but that doesn’t take away from it’s greatness. I’m really surprised no one else has this one on their list.

gentsGentlemen At Arms
I have been so privileged to be surrounded by great musicians most of my life. Especially since I consider myself not a great musician but a musician all the same. My good buddy Blake (who sold me my first distortion pedal way back in the day) has put out probably the best EP I’ve heard in a long long time. Look for these guys to tear it up one day. I still can’t believe how great they are. You can visit their myspace and hear for your self here

davidDavid Cook
What can I say? I hate American Idol. With that said go buy the David Cook album.

hillsong1Hillsong – This is Our God
Dude what can you say, it’s Hillsong? I was listening to this album a lot yesterday. I was having a bit of a discouraging day and this cd really renewed my vision and my calling. None of the Cds listed above could do that. These guys really know how to worship. Don’t believe me? Turn the lights off or close your eyes and put on the song This is Our God.

crimeThe Classic Crime – The Silver Cord
Finally we come to what I have deemed the album of the year. I got a chance to see these guys live with my good buddy and cousin Levi and even thought the singer was obviously very under the weather, they still rocked our face off! Right now this is my favorite album in the last 5 years at least. Please do yourself a favor and check them out.

As a side note I noticed a very common choise on other people’s lists. Coldpaly. I can’t get into it. I must be doing it wrong because everyone seems smittin by these guys. don’t get me wrong I love me some cold play but I can’t get on board with this new album. Help me out kids. Do I need to stand on my head or make some tea or what? Also worth noting are some runners up. I can’t mention everything I’ve dug because this post would be forever long. But Twilight, Juno, The Dark Knight, and Once were all GREAT Soundtracks. Also Weezer- Red, and The Killers – Day and Age, were also worth a nod.

NewSong Worship

Posted in Leading Worship, Music, NewSong, Worship on December 17, 2008 by superman1224

So I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything and I am hoping I can change that in the New Year. Blogging is something that I really love to do but to be honest it’s not the same without Russ in the same room. Anyway, there have been some new developments in Worship since I’ve last posted. I have now moved from just being a guitar player to becoming more of a leader. This has been a very rewarding growth period, but growth is the key word.

What I am looking for by posting this is to get some feedback from you worship leaders out there. Also just to let you all know what we’re playing at NewSong. Please don’t feel obligated to give me a pat on the back because that’s not what I am looking for. Although encouragement has helped my confidence. I don’t feel like I am going to puke before worship starts as much anymore.

You can find more videos of our worship team here.

To the RSS readers there are 3 videos in this post.

Lead Me To the Cross – Hillsong

In My Shame – Blake Easter

How He Loves Us – John Mark McMillan

Klampert 2.0

Posted in Church, Me, Music, Worship on October 30, 2008 by superman1224

So my buddy Joel is running a little contest over on his new blog and I figured I’d take the time to spread a little love his way. Joel is one of the many great friends I have made through this blog. You should really check him out, especially if you are a designer and most definitely if you are a worship leader!

New Music

Posted in Gentleman At Arms, Life, Me, Music, The Classic Crime on August 19, 2008 by superman1224

As most of you know Music is something that I can’t live without. I simply couldn’t get through the day without it. Because of this addiction I find myself scowering the far corners of the web in search of the latest and greats in music. Sometimes I feel like a man wandering in a desert, crawling on hands and knees searching for just a drop of liquid. Often times all I get is damp sand, but on occasion I find a great oasis. Today I’m swimming laps in this oasis like Michael Phelps. I can’t keep this musical water fall to myself so here you are.

Gentleman At Arms:
My friend Blake just put out his bands new CD under it’s new name and I have been blown away. To put it mildly his band has put together one of the best EPs I have heard all year. I can honestly say this would be one of my favorite records even if didn’t know him. This is simply great stuff. You know a record is good when you hear and are not only humming it all day in your head, but as soon as you wake up the song is stuck in your head. Said song is down below for you to check out. Be sure to visit their myspace and blog and show them some love.

The Classic Crime – The Silver Cord
So I owe my buddy Evan for this find. He kept telling me to check these guys out and he has never failed me so I dove head first into these guys. Epic stuff. It is very rare that I fall in love with an album so quickly, but I did from the first note on. I listen to the CD going on 3 times in a row. So great. You can check out their myspace here. You can also find a sample below.