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A New Beginning

Posted in Design, Job, Life, WCC on October 15, 2008 by superman1224

I know it’s been forever since I’ve posted, but this time it’s for good reason. To catch most of you up who don’t follow the happenings over at Russ’ blog, here is the short of it. I’ve left Eden. I know….what about Russ? Believe me I know! I’ve landed in an ideal situation. My new job is graphic designer for Washtenaw Community College. I just couldn’t pass this one up. I am now 10 miles from home (as apposed to 25 miles) and was offered a lot more money. There were some other contributing factors but to me this move was a no brainer. Of course there is no perfect situation. There is always some level of sacrifice. I no longer work next to one of the best friends a guy could ask for. I’m also short an Aunt that was seriously the glue that held me together at times! So no more 3:00pm walks to the gas station, no more Mud and Steel, and no more DVD Lunch Theater. I’m really going to miss Russ and Aunt Celeste, but I suppose now I can see them outside of work where we can have more fun.

Anyway, enough of all this sad sappy stuff. I’m still going to blog as often as I can. I’m still getting settled and trying to get the hang of this new schedule. Over the course of the next few posts, I’ll intorduce some more things about my new job. Might be something for my Photo Blogging. So keep it tuned in here, and drop me a line in the comments to let me know you’re still listening. In the meantime here are some photos of my new digs.


New Music

Posted in Gentleman At Arms, Life, Me, Music, The Classic Crime on August 19, 2008 by superman1224

As most of you know Music is something that I can’t live without. I simply couldn’t get through the day without it. Because of this addiction I find myself scowering the far corners of the web in search of the latest and greats in music. Sometimes I feel like a man wandering in a desert, crawling on hands and knees searching for just a drop of liquid. Often times all I get is damp sand, but on occasion I find a great oasis. Today I’m swimming laps in this oasis like Michael Phelps. I can’t keep this musical water fall to myself so here you are.

Gentleman At Arms:
My friend Blake just put out his bands new CD under it’s new name and I have been blown away. To put it mildly his band has put together one of the best EPs I have heard all year. I can honestly say this would be one of my favorite records even if didn’t know him. This is simply great stuff. You know a record is good when you hear and are not only humming it all day in your head, but as soon as you wake up the song is stuck in your head. Said song is down below for you to check out. Be sure to visit their myspace and blog and show them some love.

The Classic Crime – The Silver Cord
So I owe my buddy Evan for this find. He kept telling me to check these guys out and he has never failed me so I dove head first into these guys. Epic stuff. It is very rare that I fall in love with an album so quickly, but I did from the first note on. I listen to the CD going on 3 times in a row. So great. You can check out their myspace here. You can also find a sample below.

Photo Blogging

Posted in Blogging, Design, iPhone, Life, Me, People, Photos on August 8, 2008 by superman1224

So I one thing I haven’t really officially shared with all of you is that I am now an iPhone owner. Like most iPhone users will tell you, the device has changed my life. The power you have at your fingertips is amazing! One of those powers I am about to experiment with today. I plan to photo blog my entire day today. Things I find interesting. Things that I do everyday. People I hang out with, work with, and talk with. Things I eat drink and whatever. All of this can be done with the iPhone and also Mobile Me, the iPhones secretary…..oops I mean administrative assistant in a sense. So here is what you need to follow along with me today.

Photo Blogging Gallery

Photo Blogging RSS

If this turns out to be as much fun as I think it’s going to be I may have to do this more often.

Getting What You Want

Posted in College, Life, Poo on August 4, 2008 by superman1224

There is something that I learned back in college that this picture reminds me of. Basically, no matter how much you love something, how much you chase after it, sometimes it’s best if you don’t catch it. The results can sometimes not be what you imagined.

Yet Another New Design

Posted in David Crowder, Design, Economy, Graphic Design, Life, Oh The Glory Of It All, Sackcloth on June 21, 2007 by superman1224

This new one comes out of Revelation. Isn’t it amazing that there are creatures in heaven that worship the king 24-7 singing holy holy holy…? This design is to illustrate that and to be a reminder that our King is worthy of such unending praise. This is the last design util after the first run of orders.


Sackcloth Up and Running!

Posted in Art, Design, Giving, Guitar, Life, Music, NewSong, Oh The Glory Of It All, Sackcloth, Worship on June 16, 2007 by superman1224


I am pleased to announce that Sackcloth is up and running. We now have a website/blog and have officially started to take orders for the shirts. Check out our Merch/Ordering page to find out more on how to get your shirt. We will be making a few changes to the site in the next few days but we just couldn’t wait to make this announcement. We hope to have color swatches of the shirt colors up with the graphics so you know what color you’re buying. In the “Praise Him” shirt, we have a Fossil Gray (dark gray), a White and a Light Pink. In the “In His Splendor” we have White, Natural, and Sport Gray (lighter gray). You will also find pricing break downs on the page as well.

We would like to thank you all so much for your support and prayers in this little adventure. If you have any questions or suggestions please let us know. Also those of you who have posted that you want a shirt please post again on the Merch/Ordering page how many you want, what color and style, and also how you plan on paying us. Right now we can only take CASH or CHECK. We just want an official count on how many we need to order. Thanks again so much!


We now have a email address for your orders. Now all you have to do is email us your order (What shirt, What Color, What Size) with your address and how you plan on paying. This keeps your information private. Here is the email address.

Marathon Woman

Posted in Becca, Cancer, Friendship, Giving, Life, Marathon, Nike, Team In Training, TNT, Travers City on May 24, 2007 by superman1224

ralph_becca.jpgSo as many of you may or may not know, my wife is participating in the Team In Training Half Marathon in honor of her uncle Ralph that passed away last year. Team in Training is an endorsed training program that involves several marathons. The marathon has multiple purposes: 1) to raise awareness of blood cancers such as Leukemia and Lymphoma, 2) to raise funds for drug research to find a cure, and 3) to ease the financial burden placed on individual’s and their families when a family member has been diagnosed with cancer. Becca was only required to raise $1,500 for the marathon, but because we have the most supportive family and friends in the world, Becca was able to raise $2,542! We would like to thank you all for all the love and support you have given her all along the way.

Well race day is upon us. We leave tomorrow at noon to head up to Travers City. Her race begins on Saturday at 7:00am. Please everyone if you could keep us in your prayers as we travel and Becca in your prayers on Saturday I would really appreciate it. This will be a very emotional time for us but especially for Bec. She has worked so hard getting ready for this race. I could never be prouder of her. She has been such an inspiration to me. Also if you would like to leave any words of encouragement for her in the comments please do so Becca reads my blog everyday….I make her! Thank you all again so much for everything.

Also, it is never to late to donate. You can click here or on the link in my side bar to make an online donation. Thanks again.