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Self Fulfilling Prophecy

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Misheard Lyrics

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In honor of this. I give you this…

I needed that!

h/t: Russ

Coming soon (pssst after lunch sometime)

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So the Mudpuppy and I are going to start a little web casting. This endeavor has largely been inspired by the ragamuffinsoul and his confessionals also his post about trying/learning new things. This will give our out of town readers a great idea of our daily life in the office….well at least our lunch breaks anyway. The first webasode should drop some time after 1 pm EST. Stay tuned kids this should be interesting.

My first sweet ride

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So now that I have posted about my new sweet ride I couldn’t help but to put up this video about my first sweet ride. My friend and I joke about this car all the time. This car hated me I think. It almost killed me twice and left me straned on 94 at 4am on my way to hockey practice. It was November and about 30°. The alternator belt broke and I was forced to trek about two miles to the next ramp. Then across a field to a WalMart to find a phone to call my mom. I was still in my Pajamas. So this is my ode to the Aries.

If I were a Pug

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So I didn’t really have a topic for the morning so I figured I would give you guys a little Photoshop fun. So here is the Man Of Steel if he were a pug!

Chuck Talks, You Listen!

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“Chuck Norris once ate an entire bottle of sleeping pills. They made him blink!”

Chuck Talks, You Listen!

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“Chuck Norris is the reason Waldo is hiding!”