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Show Your Desk Contest

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So like the mudpuppy I too am entering the show your desk contest over on Victor’s site. Some things are similar to the Mudpuppy’s desk because we work at the same place but as you will see there are some different things as well.

1. Picture of me and all my bros at the Navy Pier in Chicago for my Bachelor party.
2. Superman Lamp
3. Engagement picture of me and my wife.
4. Dock for 30GB Video iPod
5. Apple Cinema Display
6. Business Card holder
7. Brain stressball (mostly used for throwing to get the mudpuppy’s attention)
8. 17″ View Sonic Display
9. Crazy wild haired creature made out of cieling fan spare parts. I have no idea who made this and put it on my desk!
10. Conway Freight stainless steel coffee mug.
11. 512MB SanDisk Jump drive
12. Herman Miller Aeron Chair
13. 2005 Mustang GT toy car.
14. Superman Optical Mouse
15. Silent Bob In-Action Figure
16. Superman Action Figure
17. Superman Desk Calender
18. Sony MDR-V150 Dynamic Stero Headphones
19. Apple G5 Computer
20. Stack of Wierd Magazines
21. Pen/pencil/sharpie/calender/thermometer/clock holder thing
22. Far Side Desk Calender
23. Olympus SP-350 8MP Digital Camera
24. 250GB Maxtor External Hard Drive.

I was gonna link all this stuff but that would take FOREVER. So you can look it up.


I save the world…I drink Organic Coffee.

Posted in Coffee, Dr. Pepper, Eden Foods, Organic on April 17, 2007 by superman1224

So I must say that working at an organic food company has changed my eating habits and drinking habits apparently much to my surprise. At first I bucked the system and for the most part I still do. I take no shame in bringing in a bottle of Dr Pepper everyday and drinking it in front of the president of the company. However somethings have changed by default. I love me some coffee! I drink it everyday. Well since work only supplies organic coffee that is what I drink. I must say it’s pretty good stuff. I don’t even notice the difference until Saturday morning when I brew a pot of my good stuff. I also have subjected myself to a verity of other organically grown food and found delight as well. So I guess what I am trying to say is give it a try. You may like it.