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Show Your Desk Contest

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So like the mudpuppy I too am entering the show your desk contest over on Victor’s site. Some things are similar to the Mudpuppy’s desk because we work at the same place but as you will see there are some different things as well.

1. Picture of me and all my bros at the Navy Pier in Chicago for my Bachelor party.
2. Superman Lamp
3. Engagement picture of me and my wife.
4. Dock for 30GB Video iPod
5. Apple Cinema Display
6. Business Card holder
7. Brain stressball (mostly used for throwing to get the mudpuppy’s attention)
8. 17″ View Sonic Display
9. Crazy wild haired creature made out of cieling fan spare parts. I have no idea who made this and put it on my desk!
10. Conway Freight stainless steel coffee mug.
11. 512MB SanDisk Jump drive
12. Herman Miller Aeron Chair
13. 2005 Mustang GT toy car.
14. Superman Optical Mouse
15. Silent Bob In-Action Figure
16. Superman Action Figure
17. Superman Desk Calender
18. Sony MDR-V150 Dynamic Stero Headphones
19. Apple G5 Computer
20. Stack of Wierd Magazines
21. Pen/pencil/sharpie/calender/thermometer/clock holder thing
22. Far Side Desk Calender
23. Olympus SP-350 8MP Digital Camera
24. 250GB Maxtor External Hard Drive.

I was gonna link all this stuff but that would take FOREVER. So you can look it up.


Friday Top 5

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Well it has been a sad week. There has virtually been no music on this trip, a part from whatever Russell decides to sing in the shower or while he goes to the bathroom. So I have decided to post the top 5 things I’ve done this week.

5. Got my shoes shined.

4. Went to a pretty sweet comic book store.

3. Ate at Chipolte for lunch. This place is awesome. I had the best fajita of my life!

2. Went to millennium park and saw the Cloud Gate sculpture. Got some sweet pictures but I will have to wait till I get back to the office to download them from my camera.

1. Learned some wicked awesome Flash with my buddy Russ.

All-in-all this was a pretty sweet trip. Now I get to enjoy one last awesome lunch and dinner before we head back to Michigan. I’ll have a full debriefing on monday complete with pictures and restaurants. Have a great weekend.

“8 Dollars a shoe plus a nice tip”

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So now that I have calmed down a bit, here is the story. So Russ and I were walking to our hotel from an awesome dinner. Now we had about a 2 mile hike to this resteraunt so we were pretty tired upon our return. We get about two blocks from our hotel when a young black man probably 24 or 25 approaches me. He says, “excuse me sir excuse me.” Now having gone to school in Detroit and being no stranger to homeless people the best thing to do if you plan on not giving them anything is to just ignore them and keep walking. Apparently this young entrepreneur had seen this technique before. He continues to follow me. He keeps talking to me as I walk. He keeps telling me to hold up and hear him out. Suddenly as if being struck by an ion bean from a Tie fighter, I began to slow down. At which point the young man pulls a white water bottle and squirts white goop on my shoe. I look down in confusion. The man then kneels down and says sir I just want to show you something. I start to walk away and the man gets upset and starts to yell at me saying, “I’m not going to hurt you. I just want to show you something!” I again start to walk. He gets even angrier and begins to yell at me. “Sir I am not going to hurt you. I’m a entrepreneur and this is how I make my money!” So I freeze because I don’t know what to do. I want to run but I don’t know if this guy will shoot me or what. I look at Russ and he is being approached by another man. Now the young man kneeling at my feet begins to wipe off my shoe. He tells me that I need to take care of my shoes and this substance being polished away is just the thing I need like it or not. So he finishes with my right shoe and I again try to walk away. He again gets angry telling me he wants to do the other shoe and that he is not going to hurt me. So now I am standing there completely blown away about what is going on. After several attempts at walking away and the young man continuing to get more and more belligerent, he spits out “don’t worry sir it’s only 8 dollars a shoe plus a nice tip.” At this point I am like WHAT? WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY? He says again, “just 8 dollars a shoes plus a nice tip.” Now I had planned to give him a little something for his trouble but he said that he just wanted to show me something. Now he was demanding payment. Well I pulled out my wallet as he was buffing the left shoe and started digging for something small. Thinking if I just throw him a 5 and run he may not kill me. Well unfortunately all I had was a $20. By my confused face the young man knew I didn’t have anything small so he cheerfully said, “don’t worry sir I can make change.” At this point I just wanted to run away like a little girl. I handed the young man a $20 and he said, “thank you so much sir” and ran away. I was left there feeling like I had just been mugged…but I wasn’t mugged. I felt abused. I felt used. I felt like I wanted my mommy. I began my trek back the two remaining blocks to my hotel. Russell smiling ear to ear at my dismay and my head hung in shame. So let me ask you this. Judging by the picture above, how do my shoes looks? By the way my dinner was only $20 bucks that night. My mother told me to cheer up, I could’ve entertained an Angel. I told her I doubt an Angel would charge 20 bucks a shoe plus a nice tip!

Chicago: The First Five Hours

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So I have been in Chicago for five hours and I already have a great story to tell you. Unfortunatley it happen 15 minutes ago and I am still so mad I could punch out this screen. I think it best to wait till tomorrow after I have calm down.

To Chi-Town I (we) go.

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So tomorrow Russ and I leave for Chicago. We are attending the Ascend Flash 8 training for the next four days. It’s gonna be pretty awesome. Russ is a little bummed about the two queen beds in the room. He wanted a single queen. Ha, as if I am that easy. So of course we will have classes but we will also have a lot of down time too. So on that note please leave a comment of your favorite thing to do while in Chicago. Something that you can’t leave the city without experiencing. Please keep in mind that Football and Baseball season over.