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I’m a O.D.G.

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Thanks Russ, best video of the day.


Sackcloth Up and Running!

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I am pleased to announce that Sackcloth is up and running. We now have a website/blog and have officially started to take orders for the shirts. Check out our Merch/Ordering page to find out more on how to get your shirt. We will be making a few changes to the site in the next few days but we just couldn’t wait to make this announcement. We hope to have color swatches of the shirt colors up with the graphics so you know what color you’re buying. In the “Praise Him” shirt, we have a Fossil Gray (dark gray), a White and a Light Pink. In the “In His Splendor” we have White, Natural, and Sport Gray (lighter gray). You will also find pricing break downs on the page as well.

We would like to thank you all so much for your support and prayers in this little adventure. If you have any questions or suggestions please let us know. Also those of you who have posted that you want a shirt please post again on the Merch/Ordering page how many you want, what color and style, and also how you plan on paying us. Right now we can only take CASH or CHECK. We just want an official count on how many we need to order. Thanks again so much!


We now have a email address for your orders. Now all you have to do is email us your order (What shirt, What Color, What Size) with your address and how you plan on paying. This keeps your information private. Here is the email address.

Need your opinion.

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sackclothlogovote-1.jpg A new company seeks your opinion. They are called SACKCLOTH. Please comment on which font you like A or B …and which color you prefer. mustard, orange, red, green.

An announcement will be made soon concerning what this is all about. Trust me You will like it.

Happy Apple Introduces New Stuff Day

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So today is the first day of WWDC. If you are a MAC guy like me you can expect to see a few things. One you can count on Steve wearing another black Mock turtle neck. Two he will talk about who much stinking money apple is making now. Thirdly Steve will show the world things that will make them slobber all over themselves. Oh yeah and a new commercial or two. I see this day as Christmas in a way. Mostly for the anticipation of what’s to come more than actually getting something. Rumored products being introduced during Steve’s Keynote is the iPhone and new OSX Leopard, although I am sure there will be others. So sit back relax, get a cup of coffee and wait for apple to load up their new site with all the new goodies and also the streaming keynote by Steve Jobs.

Show Your Desk Contest

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So like the mudpuppy I too am entering the show your desk contest over on Victor’s site. Some things are similar to the Mudpuppy’s desk because we work at the same place but as you will see there are some different things as well.

1. Picture of me and all my bros at the Navy Pier in Chicago for my Bachelor party.
2. Superman Lamp
3. Engagement picture of me and my wife.
4. Dock for 30GB Video iPod
5. Apple Cinema Display
6. Business Card holder
7. Brain stressball (mostly used for throwing to get the mudpuppy’s attention)
8. 17″ View Sonic Display
9. Crazy wild haired creature made out of cieling fan spare parts. I have no idea who made this and put it on my desk!
10. Conway Freight stainless steel coffee mug.
11. 512MB SanDisk Jump drive
12. Herman Miller Aeron Chair
13. 2005 Mustang GT toy car.
14. Superman Optical Mouse
15. Silent Bob In-Action Figure
16. Superman Action Figure
17. Superman Desk Calender
18. Sony MDR-V150 Dynamic Stero Headphones
19. Apple G5 Computer
20. Stack of Wierd Magazines
21. Pen/pencil/sharpie/calender/thermometer/clock holder thing
22. Far Side Desk Calender
23. Olympus SP-350 8MP Digital Camera
24. 250GB Maxtor External Hard Drive.

I was gonna link all this stuff but that would take FOREVER. So you can look it up.

T-Shirts Anyone?

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t-shirt.gifSo it has been my desire for a long time to start my own t-shirt company. I think I could really get into it. I think my designs are pretty fly and think that people would buy them. There are a few things standing in my way though.

1). I need a good screen printer.

2). I need a MAC computer at home to allow me to work on my designs.

3) I need a good designer to be my partner and so we can bounce ideas off one another.

4.) I need customers. People willing to spend their hard earned money wearing something I created.

If anyone can help me out with all or some of these problems that would be wicked awesome and entitle you to a free shirt or two. Also if you are in need of a t-shirt and want me to design one for you or a youth group or whatever let me know. I’m down! Thanks for your help.

New Designs

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So here are a few things I’ve been working on.

Got Merch?: A merchandise company that my buddy Evan is putting together. These are little promo/business cards he’s going to be handing out to get the word out. Probably going to expand on this idea and create a series of promo items. But we’ll se.

Renovadio Concert Flier: Our church is putting together a fund raiser event to raise money for a trip to Richmond, VA. These are two different fliers that will be passed out around town.