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Remember Me?

Posted in After Midnight Project, Job, Little b on August 18, 2009 by superman1224

Well it’s been a long while. Everyday I look at this blog (ok not every day, but some days) and think, I really should start this up again. But what do I say? Where do I begin? There has been so much that has happend in the past 8 or so months. So I decided to do this Star Wars style. I’m just going to pick up in the middle and refer back to things I will assume you know from reading the novels? Wait…what? Anyway, here’s a little summery of what been going on with me.

I still work at Washtenaw Community College as a Graphic Designer.
I will be teaching part time at WCC in the Fall
My buddies After Midnight Project finally released their first studio album (Now go by it, if only to read my name in the thank yous)
I bought my first SUV
Oh yeah I almost forgot…
Everyone meet little b. We’re due Jan 31. We find out if it’s a boy or girl Sept 14.
So how have all of you been?


After Midnight Project comes to Lansing!

Posted in After Midnight Project, AMP, Concerts, Lansing, Music on July 29, 2008 by superman1224

So I know most of you have heard about my buddies from L.A., After Midnight Project, well they finally came to my town for an unbelievable performance. They rocked me and my buddies faces off! In all seriousness, these guys are great. The fame has only made them more humble and appreciative. If they come to your town you have to check them out!

Here is a little video from the show. I am sure it was take from a digital camera with video capability because the bass is overpowering the audio. I hope to have more video up soon and a few pictures as well.

After Midnight Project

Posted in After Midnight Project, Bands, LIVE, Music with tags , , , , on September 26, 2007 by superman1224

So I haven’t bragged on my buddies in a while, so I figured I would post a little love via Youtube. These guys are so good live and this video proves it. Why aren’t these guys signed yet???

After Midnight Project: The Becoming

Posted in After Midnight Project, L.A., Music, myspace, The Becoming, The Real Thing on August 7, 2007 by superman1224


So my friends from the left coast are releasing their second EP The Becoming today and I wouldn’t be a good friend if I didn’t post about it. Not just because I designed this nifty Web Banner for them and a lot of other cool stuff, but because I really do love their music. It sill shocks me that of all the over produced one trick pony bands on the radio now a days these guys still remain unsigned and unknown. So take a listen to a sample of these guys and show them some love. You can buy their cd here or on iTunes. Also, to hear more you can visit their myspace page. Show them some love.

Here is one of the song of this EP it’s called The Real Thing″

Top 5 songs of the week

Posted in After Midnight Project, Linkin Park, The Used, Top 5, Top 5 Songs Of The Week on June 1, 2007 by superman1224

Okay so not to cheat you kids out of the Top 5 of the week, here is the list for this week.

5) “Criminal” By After Midnight Project. Pretty political song. The song is about a soldier that my buddy Jason met. Jason asked him about the war in Iraq and how her felt about it. The kid said he felt like a criminal while he was there. Interesting perspective if you ask me. Good song, lots of highs and lows to it.

4) “Hands Held High” By Linkin Park. Moving song. The marching beat really sets the tone for this song. Again very political. I swear I’m not very political it’s just so happens these songs are.

3) “Valentine’s Day” By Linkin Park. A really soothing song for some reason. Although it picks up toward the end to really drive the song home. There is something really haunting about Chester’s voice. These guys have come a long way. I think Rick Rubin had a lot to do with the sound on this record. BTW while in L.A. I saw Rick Rubin’s house (where they recorded this record) and it is ridiculous! Bar far one of the craziest houses I have ever seen.

2) “Pretty Handsome Awkward” By The Used. Just got this cd yesterday. Great stuff. The Beat in this song is really catchy. It makes me think of like an old Mötley Crüe song. Really different style for these guys.

1) “Earthquake” By The Used. Really great song! That’s why it’s #1 I guess. When I hear songs like this I look over at Russ and say hey man you gotta hear this. Then Russ doesn’t listen to it for like a week and then he finds it on my iTunes and makes a post about it. So be on the look out for that one.

So that’s it. As always post your top 5. Let’s try and get a little more participation this week. It’s really easy. Go to your iTunes and go under the smart playlist that says Top 25 most played and there ya go. Or even Recently Played. Either one will tell you what you’ve been rockin.

Top 5 songs of the week (last week)

Posted in After Midnight Project, Linkin Park, Music, Saosin, Top 5, Top 5 Songs Of The Week on May 29, 2007 by superman1224

Yeah I know I owe you guys so here are the top five songs of last week since I decided to play hookie and go to the Tiger game with the Mud Puppy and Teledan.

5) “Shadow Of The Day” By Linkin Park. This is a haunting song, meaning the words and music just reverberate in your head all day after you listen to it.

4) “S.O.S.” By After Midnight Project. My buddy can write that’s all there is to it.

3) “Back Down” By After Midnight Project. Jason wrote this song for his girl about their new relationship. He tried his hardest to write a song that could be played on Gray’s Anatomy. I don’t EVER watch that show but the song sounds like a song that could be played on that type of show. Very well written!

2) ” Finding Home” By Saosin. Just buy the record already will ya!

1) “You’re not alone” By Saosin. Get the cd. Put it into your cd player. Skip a head to track 10. Listen. Love. Feel Better!

As always post your top 5 of the week or for last week.

Music Of L.A.

Posted in About Me, After Midnight Project, Linkin Park, Muse, Music, New Music, Ozzy, Saosin on May 23, 2007 by superman1224

I’m sure most of you know by now that I was in L.A. last week. I had a blast. It was a vacation filled with all of my favorite things about life. One of those things is music. My friend Evan is big time into music probably more so than me if that is possible. Of course with him being a recording and sound engineer you kinda have to be. So naturally he had some new music for me to listen to. So here sre some reviews of some of the music I experienced while in the la. Hopefully this will make up for not having the top five songs of the week last week.

1) After Midnight Project: I just haven’t touted these guys enough on here and that is sad because I know them personally and have also done some design work for them. Check out the AMP logo on my work page as well as a flier I did for them. Evan works for them and lives with Jason the lead singer, who is a really cool guy. These guys are gonna be HUGE one day. Well they are working on some new stuff and I got a sneak peak at it. It is going to be flippin sweet. You guys should check them out on myspace. Just listen to “Take Me Home” like twice and you will be hooked!

2) Saosin: These guys kick! The harmonies, the guitar work, the hooks. These guys have it and it seems like nobody knows about it yet. The song to listen to is “Your Not Alone”. This song gave me chills. You can check them out here.

3) Linkin Park: Minutes To Midnight. Heard this cd as soon as I got off the plane and into Evan’s car. There is so much to say about this record. First off it is TOTALLY different from anything they have ever done. I can totally respect a band for wanting to grow and experiment and develop their sound. It’s gutsy. However you can end up really upsetting your fan base too. I’m on the fence about the record. I am a little disappointed in the language on the record but at least it’s not “F” bombs one right after the other. However, having the inside scoop on these guys I’m not sure if their new sound and look (check out the pics of them on the inside cover) are completely original. I can’t really spill on it because this is a blog and is public and because I don’t like to spread rumors or get people in trouble so I’ll just leave it at that. Just keep it in mind.

4) Muse: Absolution. Yeah Muse is awesome. Very sweet stuff however if you read the lyrics they are a little or a lot political. I try not to have that dictate my music selection but it may bother some. These guys are pretty sweet so you should check them out.

5) Ozzy: Ozzmosis. I know I know Ozzy is the Devil. I know but this cd is so good front to back it just shreds! I head it way back in like the 8th grade and I remember thinking to myself wow this is awesome stuff. I never got around to getting it until now. Give it a try.

So that’s it. I will be doing my top five songs for the week a bit early too because I’m gonna be gone again on Friday. Also look for mud and steel a little earlier too. Post your newly discovered music in the comments if you like.