Remember Me?

Well it’s been a long while. Everyday I look at this blog (ok not every day, but some days) and think, I really should start this up again. But what do I say? Where do I begin? There has been so much that has happend in the past 8 or so months. So I decided to do this Star Wars style. I’m just going to pick up in the middle and refer back to things I will assume you know from reading the novels? Wait…what? Anyway, here’s a little summery of what been going on with me.

I still work at Washtenaw Community College as a Graphic Designer.
I will be teaching part time at WCC in the Fall
My buddies After Midnight Project finally released their first studio album (Now go by it, if only to read my name in the thank yous)
I bought my first SUV
Oh yeah I almost forgot…
Everyone meet little b. We’re due Jan 31. We find out if it’s a boy or girl Sept 14.
So how have all of you been?


One Response to “Remember Me?”

  1. Awesome! I’m doing similarly recently added “Under Construction” across my banner! HA

    Love Star Wars just don’t start in the middle go to the end then go to the very beginning and then think about finishing the end but leave us hanging on whether or not you will 🙂

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