Sunday Setlist 2/08/08

I know I’m late getting this out. I wanted to give it another day to marinate. So here is the set.

Everlasting God

Blessed Be Your Name


Jesus Messiah


Famous One

Guest Speaker

He Is Lord

So this was my third Sunday. There were a lot of positives about this week. First of all no one quit this week. Last week I lost another Bass player. I won’t go into any of the details but I believe it was for the best. So this week my keyboard player became my new Bass player. He did a GREAT JOB. I had never heard him play Bass before and I was blown away.

This was the first week I tried a new song while leading the group. In the past learning a new song hasn’t been a big deal to me as a guitar player. I really liked it. I guess because I never really had to figure anything out. I just did what I was told. I wasn’t really sure how this was going to go but I was really passionate about this song and it fit well with the message.

Ever since going to the Tomlin concert a few weeks ago I’ve really been loving Jesus Messiah. Vocally I wasn’t sure if I could manage it. So I gave it to God and we rehearsed it and surprisingly it went really well. There is definitely a timing thing at the beginning I need to polish but it came together.

From a leading stand point I did try a few new things. One of which was the false ending. Ending a song and slowly building it and going back into it. I think it threw people at first but I like the way it worked out.

From a personal stand point I really felt a lot of doubt after the service was over. I didn’t feel like the set went well, despite all of the positive feedback. I was also starting to doubt myself as a leader. What my purpose was in all of this. I really think I was just under a lot of attack. However, yesterday I felt energized! I was excited to put this weeks set together. I feel very inspired. I’m sure the ups and downs are a natural thing in a position of leadership. I ask that you keep praying for my team. This is going to be a long learning process but in the end God will receive all the glory, and that’s what’s most important.


One Response to “Sunday Setlist 2/08/08”

  1. Ah Jesus, Messiah 🙂 I hated pretty hard on that song when it first came out. I found Hello Love on my iPhone this week and was surprised by how much I liked it!
    I like the ‘false endings’ you call it. They are quirky. But I hate ending songs the same over and over again.

    I think every worship leader feels that doubt from time to time. It can reveal itself from many different angles. Ask yourself when it’s over: Was God pleased? Many things can go wrong or right on a Sunday but if that isn’t answered then it’s a good chance that more went wrong. It’s a good thing to get a group of people who you can ask some hard questions to and will give you hard, candid answers.
    What was excellent? What needs work?
    What was appropriate? What was distractful?
    Were people engaged in worship? Did God show up?

    You should be praying with those people and with your team before you play on Sundays. Hopefully you just went DUH! but that took me a few Sundays to remember 🙂

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