Michigan Winters


Today it reached the coldest temp we’ve had so far this winter. -7º! It sucks! It also made my morning a cold and slipery one. I just tapped my breaks this morning and the above picture is the result. But in the midst of all this I was shown that there are still good people in this world. As soon as I crashed into the snow bank, I emediatly had two guys jump out of their cars and try to help push me out. That dind’t work out so well because my car wouldn’t start. So they left and I called my good buddy Chuck to see if he could get his Dad’s truck to pull me out. What a great friend! Chuck got out of bed in this freezing weather to try and help me get out even though he couldn’t get his Dad’s truck. He even went to the gas station and got me some more gas. I was low on gas and figured that’s why my car wouldn’t start back up. While he was gone getting me gas a State Police car came and called me a tow truck. He stayed with me to make sure no one else slipped and hit my car. It was really cool, I got to sit in a nice warm Police car for a half hour and chat with a really nice officer about Mustangs.  And what crises isn’t complete without your mother-in-law stopping by the scene on her way to work and letting you sit in her car for a while and reminding you that you should be wearing a hat and gloves. Despite a stressful and anoying ordeal and a $65 tow bill, all these people helped make a bad situation better and through it and I give them all a great deal of thanks and thank God for sending them all my way!


2 Responses to “Michigan Winters”

  1. DeAnna Mclaughlin Says:

    Well I won’t say anything~But I was laughing a little cause of your poor little car!!I love you Jason and what would life be like without your big sister finding a little humor in your little issue!!!!

  2. WOW! What a story! That’s incredible and awesome man.
    And…I’ll never move to Michigan. Ever! It “snowed” here 1 day and we got like 6 inches. Schools closed. Businesses didn’t open! We lost electricity!
    -7? No way 🙂

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