My Gear

Probably one of the biggest changes I’ve had in the past few months and even the year is my sound. Back last Feb. I bought a Cherry Burst Les Paul Studio, quite the upgrade from the 77 Mustang. I still love and play the stang but Les gives me the sound I’ve been looking for…that and a few friends I’ve picked up along the way. You know God blesses us in so many ways, and the biggest blessing is having a wife that is cool with you spending over $500 on gear not even a year after you sent $1000 on your 4th guitar. She has been so supportive and I can’t thank her enough for that support.

So on to the good stuff. I decided to go with stomp boxes because if something isn’t needed or I don’t use it anymore I can sell it. Pedals retain their value pretty well. If I were to buy a big unit, I’m paying for stuff I don’t even use. So here is what my gear is looking like these days.


1: Boss DD-20 Giga Delay
With what we play on Sunday a delay is a must. I really like the loop feature for layering. Bought this from my buddy Blake at a good price. All his presets were perfect! Never had to adjust a thing. Just plugged it in and started playing.

2: Visual Sound V2 Series Jekyll and Hyde Overdrive and Distortion Pedal
Two pedals in one. A sweet fat overdrive on one side and on the other, the best distortion I have ever heard on a pedal! Got this one for my birthday and is my favorite!

3:Boss CH-1 SUPER Chorus Pedal
Got this one used for a good price. I went to Guitar Center fully prepared to buy a brand new one but you can’t beat half price and BOSS pedals are really reliable, so no worries buying used.

4: Morley Little Alligator Volume Pedal
Got this bad boy for Christmas. Love it. I really dig the fact that you can set your minimum volume level. It doesn’t have to go to silent. This makes it a handy boost pedal if used right.

5: Boss TU-2 Chromatic Stompbox Tuner
This was a must! I was so sick of having to unplug and walk over to my amp and pull out my tuner and tune and then plug back in. This made it impossible to tune between songs. I don’t know how I lived without this thing.

So that’s it. I really think I’m set. I still have my Create 2X12 but it has been a good amp and will still serve me well now that I am out from underneath it’s built in FXs that I can only use one at a time. One day I might get a Fender Blues Jr. but until that day I am fully satisfied with my sound. So what are you guys playing these day? Get any new toys? I think we need a “show us your gear” update.


2 Responses to “My Gear”

  1. Very informative! I was wondering what all that stuff does. Personally, I am still trying to master my little foot switch that goes with my little Peavey. Very cool stuff you got there…

  2. Sweet set up man!
    Yeah, the DD-20 is just so dang versatile! Every now and then I bust out the manual and find one more thing it does! I love that thing. I did add the tap tempo external pedal so that I could rearrange it on my pedal board.
    I’ve heard nothing but super things about the J&H. One day I hope to hear one!
    …you do know Tremonti doesn’t endorse chorus pedals right 🙂

    My Blues Jr. is a super lil amp! Incredibly portable and awesome church amp. Only 15 amps and a combo and killer sound! One day dude…one day!

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