NewSong Worship

So I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything and I am hoping I can change that in the New Year. Blogging is something that I really love to do but to be honest it’s not the same without Russ in the same room. Anyway, there have been some new developments in Worship since I’ve last posted. I have now moved from just being a guitar player to becoming more of a leader. This has been a very rewarding growth period, but growth is the key word.

What I am looking for by posting this is to get some feedback from you worship leaders out there. Also just to let you all know what we’re playing at NewSong. Please don’t feel obligated to give me a pat on the back because that’s not what I am looking for. Although encouragement has helped my confidence. I don’t feel like I am going to puke before worship starts as much anymore.

You can find more videos of our worship team here.

To the RSS readers there are 3 videos in this post.

Lead Me To the Cross – Hillsong

In My Shame – Blake Easter

How He Loves Us – John Mark McMillan


4 Responses to “NewSong Worship”

  1. Dude…I am super stoked to see you back and to see you leading…I remember praying for you about this a year ago…God is good man

  2. […] Feedback Desired My brother from another mother has stepped up his game during worship on Sunday mornings and is doing quite a bit of leading. Check him out here and give him some feedback. […]

  3. Jason.. It is awsome to see how He can use us and specifically how He is using you when we are obedient to Him. He does love us and I also have gotten “He Loves Us” stuck in my mind for the last couple of weeks. We just need to remember whose power is at work here if we can get ourselves out of the way, be obedient and wait on His timing. Oh, yea and you need to get that big oaf on the keyboard out from behind you.

  4. Kudos for getting up front and even then tossing it up here exposed for all of us asking for feedback. Having preached for the first time this past Sunday, it was the most terrifying growthful experience ever 🙂
    My thoughts
    – Lead me to the cross – love leading from the electric! I try to whenever I can. To me though the combo of maybe a male vox and the gibson sounded dreary. I think it’s coming around a song as a band and making it your own that is of utmost importance!

    – In my shame – had never heard it before but I really like it! Though I couldn’t find the beat? Seemed to keep switching?

    – How he loves us – I love seeing this song out there! Amazing. You need to sit in it though, find the pocket 🙂 LOVE the electric guitar tones! Especially after the 2nd “chorus” before the big “He loves us!” However, it’s a tricky thing being the lead guitarist and the rhythm player at the same time. For instance, when you drop to the lick after the first verse without a rhythm instrument would have been nice to have the acoustic. It was real powerful having that second voice join you at the end!

    So all this is personal preference I suppose, but you haven’t blogged in a while so I was stoked to see one up here! I hope it helped, I need to do this for our worship leader because I think it’s invaluable to see what’s actually going on. I’m curious your thoughts? I remember after leading worship and then watching it back, I was always my worst critic.
    For someone experiencing the ‘growth’ through worship it looks like it’s happening! Keep us updated.

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