Heroes Season 3 Starts Tonight.

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So tonight starts a new chapter for Heroes. From what all I’ve read and heard, this season promises to make up for last season’s slow start and short run. Lots of things will change and develop from the first 90 seconds of the show….so make sure not to miss a second of it. Another great thing about the premiere is it will kick Heroes off with the first two episodes shown back to back. I really love it when shows do this. The first episode seems like such a tease. It’s been 9 months since the last Heroes episode and 42 minutes of an all new arc just get’s me salivating for more.

If you like Heroes and enjoy podcasts, make sure to check out my buddies over at 10th Wonder Podcast. They have great news and info, as well as great insight to the show. They really enhance the show, and I highly recommend checking them out.


One Response to “Heroes Season 3 Starts Tonight.”

  1. I’m looking forward to what they do this season with Heroes. The first season was an incredible story, and I hope they can recapture that feeling for this third time around.

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