As anyone can tell you the events of September 11 changed not only those involved in the tragedy directly, but the entire world. Today marks the 7 year anniversary. It’s crazy to think that that much time has past, however looking back at pictures, watching video, or hearing news casts from that day, brings all the pain, anger, and fear back fresh as the day it happen.  Becca and I recently took a trip to New York City. We visited the World Trade Center site and I took the photo you see in this post. It was a very intense experience. I truly believe that where ever there has been a unimaginable tragedy where there has been major loss of life, it leaves a presence in that place. You can feel it when you visit the Trade Center site. As soon as you step off the subway. As you walk up Trinity, even before it turns into Church Street (the site of the WTC.) you can feel a heaviness weighing on you. If you haven’t been I urge you to go. You’ll see and feel what I’m talking about.


One Response to “Remember”

  1. Wow, you know with the hurricane and everything happening down here, I merely thought about it this year. 7 years! WOW. I still remember exactly where I was when I heard the news that morning. I remember that entire day with extreme clarity.
    Rae and I have always wanted to go to New York, we’ve been talking about it more and more recently.

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