New Music

As most of you know Music is something that I can’t live without. I simply couldn’t get through the day without it. Because of this addiction I find myself scowering the far corners of the web in search of the latest and greats in music. Sometimes I feel like a man wandering in a desert, crawling on hands and knees searching for just a drop of liquid. Often times all I get is damp sand, but on occasion I find a great oasis. Today I’m swimming laps in this oasis like Michael Phelps. I can’t keep this musical water fall to myself so here you are.

Gentleman At Arms:
My friend Blake just put out his bands new CD under it’s new name and I have been blown away. To put it mildly his band has put together one of the best EPs I have heard all year. I can honestly say this would be one of my favorite records even if didn’t know him. This is simply great stuff. You know a record is good when you hear and are not only humming it all day in your head, but as soon as you wake up the song is stuck in your head. Said song is down below for you to check out. Be sure to visit their myspace and blog and show them some love.

The Classic Crime – The Silver Cord
So I owe my buddy Evan for this find. He kept telling me to check these guys out and he has never failed me so I dove head first into these guys. Epic stuff. It is very rare that I fall in love with an album so quickly, but I did from the first note on. I listen to the CD going on 3 times in a row. So great. You can check out their myspace here. You can also find a sample below.


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    What I meant to say was —– Thanks for reviewing our stuff!


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