Photo Blogging

So I one thing I haven’t really officially shared with all of you is that I am now an iPhone owner. Like most iPhone users will tell you, the device has changed my life. The power you have at your fingertips is amazing! One of those powers I am about to experiment with today. I plan to photo blog my entire day today. Things I find interesting. Things that I do everyday. People I hang out with, work with, and talk with. Things I eat drink and whatever. All of this can be done with the iPhone and also Mobile Me, the iPhones secretary…..oops I mean administrative assistant in a sense. So here is what you need to follow along with me today.

Photo Blogging Gallery

Photo Blogging RSS

If this turns out to be as much fun as I think it’s going to be I may have to do this more often.


2 Responses to “Photo Blogging”

  1. I’ve never looked into your car before, I love how retro the speed/tachometers are!

  2. […] next few posts, I’ll intorduce some more things about my new job. Might be something for my Photo Blogging. So keep it tuned in here, and drop me a line in the comments to let me know you’re still […]

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