And Here…We………GO!

I first started writing about The Dark Knight almost a year ago. At the time I had heard whispers about the film. How Nolan was following through with his teaser at the end of Batman Begins, casting Heath Ledger as the Joker. I’ll admit, as much as I liked “10 things I hate about you”, I was a little more than skeptical about our Aussie broke back cowboy portraying the Clown Prince Of Crime. It seemed like a long shot, but at the same time, given Nolan’s track record, I trusted that he had his reasons. So then pictures started to surface of the new joker. I admit I was shocked! My mouth dropped open, and my attention had been grabbed by the possibility that this joker was going to be a real depiction of what the Joker would be like in the real world. Suddenly Batman ceased to lay flat on the comic book page. He had now become more real. For the die-hard fans this couldn’t have been more welcomed. The DC kids have been wating for their characters to be taken seriously, and Nolan’s Batman has made everyone sit at attention.

So here we are. Premiere night. All the posts and pictures on this blog have all lead up to this point. Tonight at 12:01am I will be seeing what has been THE most anticipated film for me in an IMAX theatre. I know this movie has been hyped as much as a movie can be, and that you would have to be pretty brave or just a complete tool, to leave the theatre thinking it was just OK, I’m going to give the movie it’s due justice. I’m going to forget what I have read, wrote, and seen prior and just watch and enjoy myself. I plan to give it a non-spoiler review like everyone in cyberspace has done already. As for the rest of you that read this blog and are sick of me talking about this movie, things will return to normal after the review, so bare with me.

For those of you seeing the movie tonight please come back and leave a comment on what you thought of the movie.


8 Responses to “And Here…We………GO!”

  1. DeAnna Mclaughlin Says:

    This is really sad!!

  2. I THERE WITH YOU BUDDY!! 11:59PM Central Standard Time we’re heading into the theaters!!
    I went to pick up 4 more tickets today and 3 out of the 6 auditoriums were sold out! At 1 theater!! I’m so stoked I’ve been trying to calm myself down all day 🙂

  3. Heck yeah man. I am glad I have a double header softball game to pass the time, other wise I would be going nuts until them. The Wife is even going to take a nap after work to make sure she is awake for the masterpiece. Happy viewing and let me know what you think.

  4. […] know my good friend will be at an iMax at midnight. Before I sat down to write out my enthusiasm I went over to check […]

  5. A-twain and I are seeing it Friday at 3pm. We can’t wait!! Call us geeks but we are currently watching the first one now 😀


  6. I’m exhausted! Amazing. How was the iMax?

  7. Saw it and loved it. I loved the magic trick and the bike trick. Pretty cool to watch.

    The Joker was crazy… realistically crazy… but don’t tell him that.

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