Beat Up

Every so often I run across a random image that sums up the way I’ve been feeling perfectly. This is a good example. Life has been kinda rough latley. In all areas. I know a lot of them are growing pains for the most part, but some are things that have been eating at me for long periods of time. Please pray that I can recieve, peace, guidence, and wisdom, and lots of grace.


4 Responses to “Beat Up”

  1. DeAnna Mclaughlin Says:

    Jason~ Words of wisdom from your sister,I think sometimes God puts little things in our way to test our faith(I know he does) You have my prayers and if you ever need to talk please let me know,older sister’s know best!!:) I love ya with all my heart!! Dee

  2. We’re all there brother. Sometimes longer and more than others. I’m with you. I’m also praying for you.

    Hold fast, help is on the way
    Hold fast, He’s come to save the day
    What I’ve learned in my life
    One thing greater than my strife
    Is His grasp.
    So Hold fast.


  3. Praying! Just remember, if you let God work in your life, you will come out of hard times stronger and wiser! šŸ™‚ Blessings!

  4. Thanks a bunch guys. Today I’m feeling a little better…..thanks to all of your prayers I’m sure.

    @Renee, welcome to the blog. I follow you on twitter but I’m not sure how we hooked up. Maybe it was through Derek, at any rate welcome and I appreciate you comments!

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