Super-Hero Hats

I love hats. I have a ton. One thing that bugs me though is that all the Superman hats out there are really weird. They never fit right. I finally found a really sweet one that actually looks right on my head and what happens……my dog eats it! Awesome! So looking at this handsome head piece, I’m still a little bummed because $38 bucks is a lot to pay for some superhero headgear. Even though it is made by New Era and it’s fitted! Nevertheless, Superman isn’t the only super-hero featured on these new Custom hats. The Flash and Captain America are also getting their own noggin cover. You can check them out here, but act fast these babies are a limited edition and I am sure they will “fly” off the shelves…..see what I did there?


2 Responses to “Super-Hero Hats”

  1. bad, bad, bad pun. I like bad puns.

  2. mmmm, bad puns~
    If I were you, I’d get it! Looks shweet!!!

    But if I was I, I’d get Flash’s hat… Just to look at it’s awesomeness since I don’t wear hats xD

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