It didn’t take any extra time for the Wings to finally win the cup last night. There are so many great stories about this team and it’s players, each one deserving it’s own post. The biggest discussion this cup ends is the fact that the Wings are too soft and don’t have enough grit to win a Stanley Cup. Well I’m guessing that ends that conversation. Although I never could see the argument. I believe the Wings out hit the Penguins in every game. I mean there were some big hits laid in that Cup finale. Just ask “Sid the kid” if the Wings can hit.

Regardless, the Wings have solidified themselves as a team in the cross hairs of anyone who doesn’t live in Detroit. I have to admit I’ve been a little naive when it comes to the Wings. I assumed that everyone like them. Reading the blogs of some of my buddies, it seems as they may be as hated as the Yankees. The only explanation is people hate good teams, that is if they don’t live in their state. Any team that has a solid roster full of hall of fammers and a great GM as well as a spectacular coaching staff, will always be hated by those who’s jealousy consumes them.

Nevertheless, the Wings pulled it out. I really think a championship is just what this town needs to restore a little hope and supply a little levity in a state that seems to be in it’s own private depression. Either way this was a great win and I couldn’t be happier for those guys and the city. Hopefully I’ll get some great pictures to share with you guys of the parade.


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