New York City…..WOW

That’s all I can really say about this trip. New York was probably one of the coolest places I have ever been in my life! The Yankee Game was Awesome! I have so many stories to tell but too much for one post. I am hoping to have video of the trip up sometime this week. This will include the wife and I’s running commentary on everything.

In the mean time you can check out all of our pictures on my Web Gallery.

Also here is a brief little list of things we got to see. All of which were done in a 12 hour period. My feet have never hurt so bad in my life.

• Yankee Stadium

• Times Square

• Rockefeller Center

• Grand Central Station

• Empire State Building

• Ground Zero

• Central Park

• The Dakota

• Statue Of Liberty

• Wall Street

Carnegie Deli

• The Secret Stash

• THE Quick Stop and RST Video from Clerks


One Response to “New York City…..WOW”

  1. Ahh super jealous! When I worked for Chase Bank I fell in love with Chicago but never had the chance to go to NY. (Ironically, if I had stayed with them 6 more months instead of leaving them to work full time at the church I’d have had the chance!) But everyone tells me that if we loved Chicago that we’d love New York. Rae and I want to go so bad!!

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