So this morning I have been slammed with all kinds of movie and TV news. First things first. New Dark Knight poster released. Very cool. I am getting the feeling since we are less than two months away from The Dark Knight, info will be pouring in from here on out. I will do my best to keep you all updated with any major happenings.In other news it looks as though Smallville will be short one blond Kryptonian in it’s 8th and final season. TV Guide’s Mike Ausiello reported that Laura Vandervoot will not be returning as a series regular. There is a possibility she may be back for one or two episodes, but it is unclear at this time. Read more here.
Also the new Punisher Movie has released it’s first poster. You can see that here.
Finally in the days leading up to Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, George Lucas has expressed interest in making a 5th Indian Jones movie. Hey why not….seriously what else does the guy have to do? You can read more of that here.


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  1. Sweet, a new Punisher movie. That’s awesome.

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