About Last Night

As most of you know there were some big finales and also the start of another. I had to work last night at Apple so I DVRed them all and watched one right after the other. Lots to cover so here we go.

LOST – Great episode. Ben is the good guy, didn’t you know? You’ll see. I also have a theory of who is in the coffin and I believe it’s right on the money. I’ll leave the answer in the comments for those of you woh don’t want to be spoiled.

Smallville – I really enjoyed it! Not the best season finale ever but still very good. Michael was stupendous and Kristin taped one of her best performances ever. I might have shed a tear. That scene was great. The writers have a huge mountain to climb for next season. One great thing about the episode was we got a New Dark Knight TV Spot!

The Office – GREAT! It’s really the only show (other than the old eps of scrubs) that can make me laugh out loud at least once every episode! Kevin is slowly becoming my favorite character. So bummed Andy stole Jim’s thunder. Ryan? Come on who didn’t see that kid going down in flames. Biggest OMG moment came when Jan made her appearance. I really hope Michael and the new HR lady lay a good base!

Your thoughts?


4 Responses to “About Last Night”

  1. Michael is in the coffin…..discuss

  2. “Ryan? Come on who didn’t see that kid going down in flames.”

    :sings to We Didn’t Start the Fire: Ryan started the fire…

    Everything was great last night. We were bombarded with shows. My Name is Earl was very good too. The Office just rocked. I always liked Toby – sad to see him go but I have a feeling we’ll see him again. The very end of The Office – shocking!!! Can’t wait till September.

    Lost was good too – I like it better now that we’re not exploring Jack’s Mom’s dog groomer’s sister who has some weird relationship with Hurly and crap like that. Coffin.. I must have missed that. Unless you’re referring to the one Jack’s Dad was supposed to be in.

    Though after seeing the press conference by the Oceanic 6 I kind of think they left the island to ‘hide’ the other survivors who stayed on the island and Ben left the island to get his revenge on Penny’s dad – as we all know – b/c the Island doesn’t need Ben any more since it has John.

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