So as my work looks to update their computers, I am forced to start my backups of all my goodies. One of which is my music. I know I have a lot but have never really payed attention as to how much I have in terms of a specific number. So I got my external hard drive out and brought it in to work to start backing things up. I took a little look at my iTunes music folder and it turns out I have 49GBs of music on my computer! WOW. That’s quite a bit. That’s 8,977 songs and podcasts. That’s 26.1 days of constant music. So that got me thinking, is that normal? How much music do you guys have? What kind of GBs are you rockin?


7 Responses to “GB’s”

  1. Earlier this year I was rockin’ 30 GB’s, but I cleaned it up a bit and now have only 11.5 GB’s.

  2. My external HD has 106 gb, 21182 songs

  3. @Brent:

    Dude I am so not worthy! That is some intense GB’s

  4. I was checking out your post of the top 89 of 08 and saw this post and wanted to add that i have over 184GB of MP3’s.

    (pause for effect)

    thats roughly 39000 songs. No idea on play time. 🙂

    i’ve been collecting since the late 90’s and rarely delete, unless its total crap.

  5. @Ted:

    Nice work! What seems to make up the majority of your collection? I have a lo of Nirvana myself.

  6. Dude,

    You at least have to have some GooGoo dolls. You freaking rocked that song on Sunday!

  7. Oh yeah, and I only have about 14 GB. Mostly Country.

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