Michael Rosenbaum Leaves Smallville

After 7 seasons of portraying the best Lex Luthor anyone has ever seen, Michael Rosenbaum calls it quits. It comes as a bit of a shock knowing now that this is for real. I guess a part of me thought that he would come around for some type of limited engagement not unlike Kristin Kreuk (Lana Lang), who has also left the show, but will return for at least a third of season 8’s episodes. It seems this could be the end of Lex Luthor on Smallville, however in a statement from Smallville executive producers Darren Swimmer, Todd Slavkin, Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson, they eluded to a possible limited return for Rosenbaum, but I’m not holding my breath. It seemed that Rosenbaum has been very adamant and very verbal about his departure from the show as far as a year ago. I would be very surprised if he came back now that the decision has been made official.

So the big question is, where does this leave Smallville? I mean let’s take a roll-call shall we? So returning for sure for season 8 we have, Clark, Jimmy, Lois, and Kara. Chloe (Alison Mack) is still in talks, and we’ve already mentioned that Kristin is only going to be in a third of the episodes. There is no doubt in my mind that Alison will be back, since she seems to play a major roll in the show. But we’ve lost Lex and Lionel, not to mention the shows creator’s, Al and Miles, as well as a budget that has been cut in half.

So what are we left with? Who will play the villain? Glad you asked, because this is where it starts to go south. According to Smallville executive producers Darren Swimmer, Todd Slavkin, Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson, DOOMSDAY will make an appearance! WHAT? Wait WHAT? Doomsday? Really? Seriously, what will Superman have left to do at this point? I mean fear is no longer going to be keeping Clark from becoming the Man Of Steel, boredom will! The Dude will have no one to fight! Another new villain will also be introduced in the 8th season. A fem fatal to be named later. Apparently what will make her so dangerous is the shared attraction between her and Clark.

All-in-all I am starting to get a little worried. I will still love Smallville because of it’s history and because I have been a fan for so long. As you know love covers a multitude of sins, but I worry about the new viewers. They might not be as forgiving as those who love the show. But hey it’s the last season so I suppose they don’t have much to worry about.


5 Responses to “Michael Rosenbaum Leaves Smallville”

  1. You should read Russ’s post about Scrubs. You don’t have to sink with the ship, you’re not the captain….

  2. Why the hell would anyone quit the show BEFORE he actually turns into Superman!? If they could find the heart to stick it out for a while longer even if it’s only one or two episodes per season, they would be so fulfilled later in life. Smallville is the best show on TV. I still love it, and I applaud Allison Mack and Tom Welling for keeping with it after all of these years. As long as the new actors coming in are good, it doesn’t matter if new villians are introduced. Michael Rosenbaum’s Lex Luther will become insignificant soon. Let’s hear it for Tess Mercer! She’s kicking butt as the new villian.

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