Start Spreading The News!

So my wife is the GREATEST WIFE ON THE PLANET! Think yours is good, see if she matches up to this. Friday night the wife sits me down and presents me with 2 tickets to the Yankees VS Seattle (awesome seats by the way) in Yankee Stadium! This is awesome for a bunch of solid reasons. 1) I am a huge Yankees fan. 2) I have never been to Yankee Stadium or NYC and have ALWAYS wanted to go. 3) It’s the last season the Yankees will play there. 5) We are road tripping there and stopping at cool places along the way. 6) This is for OUR anniversary! Seriously, what wife takes their husband to Yankee Stadium for their anniversary? That’s what I thought!

So this begs the question to all you kids that have gone before me. What are so must see places in NYC? I’m talking sights, shops, and eats! Here is what I have so far

-Yankee Stadium

-The Empire State Building

-Liberty Island/Statue Of Liberty

-Time Square

-The Dekota

-Red Bank NJ (To visit the secret Stash)

-Ground Zero

-CBGB’s (Well where is use to be anyway)

-Karlssonwilker Inc. (design firm and book that got me through college


4 Responses to “Start Spreading The News!”

  1. Yankees SUCK! (But Becca does rock)

  2. yeah you can stop by in rhode island…

  3. Annie Bice Says:

    I’ve got two for you and the best wife on the planet… Carnegie Deli for the best corned beef sandwich and atmosphere and MOMA. Happy Anniversary you two!

  4. more for your list….

    -Rockafeller Center
    -Central Park
    -Three story Toys’R’Us in Times Square
    -and for shopping …. Century 21 (right next to ground zero)

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