Feelin Fancy

So today I wore a tie. Not sure why really. This fortunately, isn’t a mandate where I work, although it use to be from what big brother Russ has told me. I guess I wanted to feel fancy. My luck the boss will think I look so nice that he makes us start wearing them again. The really funny thing is the no tie rule is just for the Marketing department. Everyone else has to wear a tie.

It’s not that I mind ties really. I mean it’s no big deal. They just kinda hang there. It’s not like it adds more time to get ready in the morning either, because I never untie my ties. I just leave them tied and slip them over my head. I have more problems with dress pants (which we still have to wear) than ties. I just can’t feel relaxed.

So does this make me more successful in the work place, if I have on a tie and dress pants? Do people take me more seriously now? I will say this, I got more looks today at the coffee house getting out of my Black Mustang GT with a shirt and tie on then I have getting out of my rusted 95 escort with jeans and a t-shirt on.

So what about you guys? Do you have to wear ties to work? If so do you think it creates a positive and productive work environment or do you think it’s just for show? How about you guys who get to wear jeans and a t-shirt to work. Does this make you more productive? Does the casual work environment make you more creative and relaxed in your work place? If you had to start wearing a shirt and tie do you think it would hurt your productivity and creativity?


2 Responses to “Feelin Fancy”

  1. DeAnna Mclaughlin Says:

    Well I’m pretty lucky, I don’t really have a dress code at my job!!! Ican wear PJ’s all day!!!:) Jas you look very nice. What word am I thinking of???? OH I got it, you look very smart,very smart!!!

  2. I despise the corporate noose.

    Everything about corporate wear makes me uncreative and uncomfortable. I even feel like a snob walking around town in this garbage. People form pre-conceived notions about me because of what I’m wearing, even though it’s the exact opposite of something I would ever wear had I an option.

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