This Just In…

Many of you are probably aware of my love of Smallville and especially Superman. As well as heard me talk about an outstanding Smallville Podcast called Starkville’s House Of El. Over the past year or so I’ve gotten to know the guys behind the show and I must say they are top notch.

This post is way late and I feel horrible for not mentioning it sooner, but I’m not a bragger. A few weeks ago Derek from SHoE asked me to be the news writer for the shows website! This is a huge honor for me. I really appreciate the opportunity to do what I’ve been doing on this blog, but in a more official manner.

If you guys have been living under a rock and haven’t checked out the show yet, you’re really missing out. Be sure to check out Derek and Steve’s other shows as well.

Thanks again to those guys!

Starkville’s House Of El

The 10th Wonder

Skynext Podcast

Geek Out Loud


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