Daisy Vision

So we’ve been having a little trouble with our neighbors over the past few months regarding our English Bulldog Daisy. Apparently Daisy howls while we are gone and disturbs our neighbor. Without getting into any of the gory details I’ll just say that I find it unlikely that Daisy is as bad as they have described.

In my efforts to clear my little girls name I’ve set up a camera and have broadcasted her LIVE that past to days to keep an eye on her. As you can see she just likes to sleep all day. As a side note if you haven’t checked out Mogulus yet, you have got to try it out. At any rate you can find Daisy in The Fortress Of Solitude and you be the judge.


2 Responses to “Daisy Vision”

  1. DeAnna Mclaughlin Says:

    yea, neighbors can be a bit cranky!!! We know first hand. My computer is being cranky to! I can’t be a judge but I do know that dogs do have there probloms. our lab Rex can be very sneaky. He watches us leave out our picture window and then makes a bee line to O wen’s bed or the couch every time. When we get home he’s under the computer desk as far as he can go. Why dogs don’t understand I’ll never know.But as far as my little neice goes she never does anything wrong!!!:)

  2. Daisy is SOOOO exciting to watch. Just kidding.

    I checked her daily adventures out yesterday which consisted of a long snooze.

    Added you to my blogroll.

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