Hockey Season Starts Tomorrow

I have been a delinquent hockey fan this year. I don’t think I have watched more than 5 minutes of a game the entire season. This is not to say I am any less of a fan. I still really enjoy hockey, it’s just that ever since the strike it’s been really hard to get back into it. One thing still remains though, and that’s Playoff Hockey. There is something about it that is awesome. The regular season, if you’re a Red Wings fan, rarely means a thing. Mostly because they win every single game only to stall in the playoffs. This year the Wings have huge promise to win the cup again for the first time since 2002. After coming so close last year only to lose a disappointing game 6 in the Finals to the Ducks, the Wings seem to be on track to make another long playoff run.

First up is Nashville. The Wings are 3-1 against them this year with all games very close. It should be an interesting series to say the least.

Playoff Schedule:
Game 1: April 10 @ Detroit 7 p.m. ET, VERSUS, TSN
Game 2: April 12 @ Detroit 2 p.m. ET, NBC, TSN
Game 3: April 14 @ Nashville 7:30 p.m. ET, VERSUS, TSN
Game 4: April 16 @ Nashville 9 p.m. ET, VERSUS, CBC, RDS
*Game 5: April 18 @ Detroit 7:30 p.m. ET, VERSUS, CBC
*Game 6: April 20 @ Nashville 3 p.m. ET, NBC, CBC, RDS
*Game 7: April 22 @ Detroit TBD, TBD

* if necessary


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