Clown Travel Agency

It’s been a while since there has been something worth noting about The Dark Knight viral marketing campaign. Of course it’s only fitting that the Joker do something on April Fools Day. Apparently the Joker is doing a bit of traveling these days. He’s even set up his own Travel Agency. Click on the link and you will see the image below.jokersuitcase.jpgClick on the envelope with today’s date on it and it gives you this message.jokernote.jpgAfter reading the note click on it and it gives you a list of locations.jokertravelplans.jpgUnfortunately I don’t live anywhere near these places. I believe that once the items have been found a passport stamp is placed by the location. It appears that two have already been found. I am curious as to what the Joker has left for his participants, so if anyone finds out, leave it in the comments. Very exciting stuff.


3 Responses to “Clown Travel Agency”

  1. Monkeyboy1224 Says:

    We went to the one in Chicago and it is the Waveland Bowl Bowling Alley.
    Inside a locker was a blue bowling ball bag with a bowling ball and a phone. I missed it by 10 minutes but talked to the guy with the bab. Very cool idea.

  2. Thank you. very good site.

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