Egg McMuffin Inventer Dies

mcmuffin.jpgEgg McMuffin inventor Herb Peterson has died in Santa Barbara at age 89. Peterson came up with the idea in 1972. He also came up with the marketing campaign slogan,”Where Quality Starts Fresh Every Day,” and eventually became a franchisee.

I wonder if Egg McMuffins are the key to living till you’re 89? If that’s the case sign me up because those things are awesome. Herb, bless your soul, because the world wouldn’t be as bright a place without your muffin.


3 Responses to “Egg McMuffin Inventer Dies”

  1. pastorhawkins Says:

    I Love Egg McMuffins! Try them with a little salsa….yummmm!

  2. He gave us the Egg McMuffin, and by extension, pretty much the entire breakfast fast-food industry. Millions have him to thank for being able to have more than a cup of coffee on their way to work every morning.

  3. DeAnna Mclaughlin Says:

    Well I’m sorry anyone comes to the end of there road,but I have to say I hate Egg McMuffins!!!:)

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