Having Monday, because of Sunday

Yes, yesterday was Easter, but I am still feeling it today. There was A LOT of hard work done by so many people yesterday and I feel as though it paid off! I am so thankful that I can be a part of a body that has been blessed with such talented God Loving people. Yesterday’s set was probably one of those sets that will stand out for a long time. I am hoping to have some video up this afternoon or tomorrow. It was really awesome to be a part of it. Here is our set.

Creed – Third Day

My Savior Lives – New Life Worship

Mighty To Save – Hillsong

Glory in the Highest – Chris Tomlin

He’s Alive – Everyone and his mother (Dolly Parton is probably the most well known one though.)

Mighty To Save – Hillsong (To close out again)

I really hope we don’t wait a year to do these songs again. I think Creed is one of my favorite songs to play. Mighty to Save is up there to. That song sticks with you all day.

Hope your guy’s Easter was as great as mine.


As promised.


My Savior Lives

Mighty To Save

Glory In The Highest


He’s Alive

A Message Of Hope


3 Responses to “Having Monday, because of Sunday”

  1. we also did mighty to save… and i agree, it’s a great song.

  2. […] Easter Sunday – Best service in NewSong history. Perhaps the best service I’ve ever attended anywhere. Our worship team is 100% volunteer, so to see what they pulled off by having two practices during the week, including a 5 hour marathon on Saturday night, was inspiring. And the pastors lesson on hope was a Top-Fiver for me. I just wish more of the community were there to hear it. I taped the whole service, so look for some sort of confessional soon here. […]

  3. awesome guitar work dude…
    creed is rich mullins

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