Strung Up

guitarstrings.jpgSo I put new strings on the LP last night for Easter. I have been using Ernie Ball forever. I usually put 10s on but all I had were 9s and the factory strings just weren’t cutting it. So I put the 9s on and yuck! Toooo slinky. I was getting really bad fret buzz on the Low E string. Like really bad. The others were fine in terms of buzz , but I can’t use these. I was thinking of getting Ernie Ball 10s again but wanted to check with you players out there on what you use on your electrics. So….what do you use?


2 Responses to “Strung Up”

  1. on my les paul D’addario 10’s
    on my Gretch D’adarrio 10’s…thinking about going to 11’s though
    on my Parker fly Dadarrio 9’s

    I used ernie balls for a little and they would always break

  2. I use Ernie Balls mostly, the purple pack, 11s.
    If I don’t use those, I use D’addario 11, preferable with the 3rd string wound, but those seem to be hard to find for me.

    Anything lower than that feels too light.

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