Stuff White People Like

I have a new favorite blog. Stuff White People Like. Not unlike the Chuck Norris fad that has swept the country, this site takes aim at, you guessed it, white people. The thing that is so great about this site is that not only are the topics dead on, and I am guilty (or my friends) of almost everything on this list, (Geeze, and I thought I was so unique) but the explanations that go with it are perfect. Here are some of the things listed that white people like.

#87 Outdoor Performance Clothing

#77 Musical Comedy

#75 Threatening To Move To Canada

#49 Vintage

#42 Sushi

#5 Farmers Markets

#1 Coffee

The list goes on and on with some great backbone to the accusations. Check’em out.

BTW, this dude started this blog in January of this year! He has over 12 Million hits already!


2 Responses to “Stuff White People Like”

  1. Awesomeness. Thanks for sharing. A friend of mine showed me this one as well

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