littlesuperman.jpgThis image was just too good not to post. Truer words have never been spoken about how I’ve felt about the past few weeks. There are so many words that describe the way things have been for me and some of my closest friends and family. Everything from death, lost opportunities, new opportunities, stress, sleeplessness, cancer, SNOW, depression, divorce, etc. I wish I could just fly above all the clouds just to get a breath of fresh air. Maybe I could find some perspective, a little meaning, or just five seconds that my head didn’t feel like it was going to spin off.


2 Responses to “Flying”

  1. DeAnna Mclaughlin Says:

    BOY jason if you start flying would you please let me know so I CAN join you!!!

  2. I hear you, big guy!! Let me know when we can go for a fly!

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