Halla If Ya Hear Me

I’ve noticed a large spike in views over the last few weeks, and have also noticed a few new commenters. I would love to know who you guys are and where your blog resides, so that I can update my Blogroll. It is really out of date and needs a little refreshing. So please even if you are just a spectator and just like to read please leave a comment so I know who I am speaking to. This has become a great community of people and I would love the chance to welcome you personally to the madness. So what are you waiting for. Halla If Ya Hear ME!


5 Responses to “Halla If Ya Hear Me”

  1. Hey man! I’ve read your blog a few times. Came over through my friend Sam. My blog is angelrios.wordpress.com

  2. I’ve just added you to my blogroll. Like many others, you’ve been in my reader and I’ve neglected the blogroll.

  3. You have the best superhero / superman / pop culture info. I love reading your blog. You’re on my blogroll!!!

  4. Coming in loud and clear!

  5. I like to read…

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