Baby Pictures


The newest member of the family arrived yesterday just after dinner. My emotions were pretty high, considering this was a lot like an arranged marriage. I knew she was hot but does she cook and clean? I can tell you after I plugged her in, she cooks, cleans, does the dishes, and never has a head ache! This thing wails. One thing that surprised me about the guitar was that after being on a truck for a week and out in the cold, only two strings were out of tune when I pulled it out of the case. Big thanks for Glitch at guitar center in OR, and Joel for hooking me up with him. This was an awesome and painless experience thanks to them.

Everything was perfect until my Dog Daisy ate the DRIERITE that was in the case and I had to call poison control to make sure she wasn’t going to die. $60 bucks later, she is fine. Poison control is a rip off if your internet connection is working right. I found out that it was non toxic before they did. Not sure I’m ready to be a father yet.

Work is going to be hard to get through with this baby at home sleeping in it’s case. 5:30 can’t come fast enough, although I’m sure it can for the neighbors!


14 Responses to “Baby Pictures”

  1. Seems to me that there should be video of you testing this pooch out…

  2. dude…she is gorgeous. wow…you need knobs like on my les paul though…mine go to 11.

  3. oh yeah and…oregon is OR not OG. lol

  4. That’s what I said OR, don’t know where you got OG from (Tee Hee). I just failed 2nd grade.

  5. ha ha ha….how are you with the water fountain?

  6. She’s beautifil!

  7. Nice! We got get together and play sometime. I think the kids will get along just fine together ;-).

  8. Hopefully we will get to hear her in action on Sundays?

  9. Trying not to covet…

  10. Wow. Very nice.

  11. Flippin’ sweet dude! Congrats!

  12. […] choice has been made. You can see her here. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Fictional ’Sex’ book inspires […]

    Thinking of getting this myself

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