Waiting for more contestants

Just to remind you there is a JLA contest going on with the prize being a copy of the new Justice League: The New Frontier. You have until 9:00 PM tonight to send me your pictures. We do have a front runner right now by way of default. No one else has sent me anything, so if you guys don’t put anything together Duck Tape Man will win.


I was wrong about the release date on The New Frontier. It’s this Thursday the 28th, not today. With this I am extending the contest until Thursday at 12 Noon EST. You have until then to get me your photos. So Stef you have time and Joel you are way to big a comic nerd to not whip something up with your boys!


2 Responses to “Waiting for more contestants”

  1. OK, we were traveling this past weekend and didn’t have time to make our ideas a reality. So, based on that excuse and the fact that a contest, by definition, needs at a minimum, two competitors, I make a plea for an extension of time!!

    Sorry, Mud, I had to try!!

  2. How about Nerd Man whose powers are blindingly white legs beneath blue soccer shorts and Preggers who can deliver a baby from her uterus up to 9 lbs? Does that count 🙂 HAHA

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