isale.jpgI have been looking around the house trying to trim a little fat and get rid of some stuff that I don’t need. I have a few Apple things that need to go and was thinking of throwing some items on ebay but thought I would open it up to you guys first.

The First item up for grabs is iLife 08. This iLife suite is probably the best release so far. Included in the suite is iPhoto, iMove, iDVD, Garage Band, and iWeb. Retail is $79.00 yours today for $40.00. Click here for system requirements.

The second item is iWork. iWork is Apple’s alternative to Microsoft Office. It include Pages, Numbers, and KeyNote. iWork retails for $79.00. Yours today for $40.00

The third thing up for grabs is a Airport Card for ibooks. If you have a ibook G3 or G4 I can hook you up with a wireless internet card. I bought this off ebay for $125 and I am selling it for $60.00.

If you are interested in any of these items email me or leave a comment.


iLife 08 has been sold.


4 Responses to “iSale”

  1. Tommy needs some iLife, but I don’t know if it works w/ his laptop.

  2. Also for sale… my XM Radio package.

    Make me an offer!!

  3. Any iBooks or MacBooks or platforms lying around that you need to unload for us crummy PCers?

  4. I might be interested in that ilife for garageband. Any thoughts on it?

    Let me talk to the wife and I’ll get back to you. Feel free to send me an email though if you’d like.

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